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“If animals could speak the dog would be a a blundering outspoken fellow, but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.” – Mark Twain

The Answer to How Long Do Cats Live at

See how long an average cat lives. We’ll compare the indoor cat’s life span to outdoor ones. See things you can do to increase a cat’s life.

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The Best Cat Toys Researched and Reviewed by Real Cats

Only cats can pick the best cat toys. See pictures and video of felines playing with their favorite toys. Do not buy another cat toy until you see this.

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The Chicken Eating Cats

My husband named this picture chicken eating cats. I think this is fitting because we cook chicken for them once a week. There favorite meal without a

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Healthier Meals for Cats on the Pet Food FAQ Page

Answers to pet food FAQ. We polled our visitors to harvest questions about pet foods and then researched the answers. Find them right here!

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Answers to Cat Insurance FAQ from Cat Health

Cat insurance FAQ pages help you understand what to expect from a pet insurance company. Some frequently asked questions answered here.

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New Kitten Brings Joy at

Information on new kitten care and how to select the right kitten for you. Start your relationship with a new kitten on the right foot.

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See How Cats Learn Stuff on

Watching cats learn in their environment explains the feline learning process. With this information you can teach your cat lots of stuff.

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Cat News Articles on

Review cat news and articles posted to the cat lovers community page. Interact and comment on important issues facing our feline friends.

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Learn about Kidney Disease In Cats at

Review information about kidney disease in cats. Learn about the two different types of feline kidney failure and the treatments for both.

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Weird Cat Behaviors like Cats Drinking out of Faucets

Why does your cat like drinking out of the faucet? See pictures of this cute activity. Learn how my cat solved the fresher water problem.

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About Organic Pet Foods at

Organic pet foods are supposed to be healthy for your pet. They also cost more. Learn about all natural pet foods before you spend your savings.

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Cat Health Problems and Solutions on Cat Health

Lets talk about cat health problems. Defend against the most common cat diseases. Information articles and support from animal health experts.

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Pet Food Industry Thoughts at

Read some pet food industry facts and information. Feeding your pets seven hundred times a year warrants learning more about the companies.

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Cat Health talks about the Behavior of Cats

Understanding the behavior of cats starts with what your cat expects from you. Live in harmony with felines by delivering on these expectations.

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Real Information On Cat Fleas at

Find detailed information on how to diagnose and treat cat fleas. Learning more about this common parasite will empower you to eradicate it.

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