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We created this cat behavior and health website together to further enjoy our hobby of having cats or furry children.

We crafted some popular articles that answer burning questions like how long do cats live when they are allowed outside compared to indoor only pets.

We also uncover what toys felines will actually play with and why this is so. In addition, the left side navigation buttons cover specific topics in detail.

These are issues that cat owners and visitors have requested help with. To our pleasant surprise people from all around the world have joined our cat community.

Fantastic stories, videos and pictures from feline fans just like you can be found on the 2 buttons “Strange Behaviors” and “Cat Community” over on the left side. No registration is required to comment on the posted feline tails. However, they are moderated to maintain quality control.

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Try adding your own post and pictures for visitors to see. Don’t forget to get your copy of the free healthy homemade cat food recipes we’ve posted.

The button is on the left in the health section. Together Cindi and I have more than 60 years experience as owners and caregivers of our little lion pets.

We’ve also learned where to go when the particular cat problem is over our heads. What we enjoy most about our hobby is studying our cats and improving their environment to maximize their long-term health and well-being.

Feline Facts and Cat Health Issues

On the cat health page button you can find detailed and researched articles about the most common medical problems.

Remember we are not veterinarians and that the scope of do-it-yourself treatment of cats is very limited. If there is any doubt at all about a pets health or behavior problems a professional should be contacted without delay.

In the case of extreme emergencies remember that local animal welfare organizations in the United States can either offer help themselves or at least point the owner in the right direction.

We are true animal lovers and only wish that your pet has the longest and most happy life possible.

Cat Behavior Issues

Over the last 30 years we have had some problem pets. We have been very successful in turning bad behaviors into good ones and turning our little feline friends into the best companions they could be.

Teaching them to change takes a lot of patience. Please remember that you can be successful in changing your cat’s behavior problem with love, compassion, understanding and a touch of bribery.

Throughout this website you will find pictures and YouTube Videos of our own pets in action. We are also looking forward to posting pictures of our visitor’s cats alongside our own.

The submission form is on the strange cat stories page. We have built a feline health section to help assist you with the care of your favorite pet.

You can also submit your specific question to certified vet technicians and veterinarians from this website.

You’ll find the cat questions box on several pages of the site. We’ve used this service many times and have been satisfied with the speed and results of our posted questions.

Just answer looks after both the person who asked questions and the professional that takes the time to research and post answers to them.

They test and grade the vet technicians and veterinarians before allowing them to field questions. In fact, they are tested and graded by other animal experts before they receive logins and passwords.

Then the quality of that persons answers is graded by the community motivating the professional to bring their A game. This combination is why it works so well for all involved. There is an entry box on the cat health page.