3 Different Types of Cat Feeders

Cat Feeders

When it comes to cat feeders, there is plenty more variety than you think! If you need to spend periods of time away from home, this can be a great way to ensure that your cat still gets its regular meals. 

If you want to learn about 3 different types of cat feeders for your pet, read on to find out more about what’s available on the market today. 

OutDoor Cat Feeders

If your feline spends a lot of time roaming around outside instead of sleeping indoors, it might be that you need to look into other options for your pet. An outdoor cat feeder means that you aren’t subjected to early morning wake-up calls that cats can be so fond of! 

This means more time for you in bed, however, your cat is still able to access all the food they need. You can also get outdoor cat feeders that have a slow-release time, ensuring that your cat won’t eat up their food too quickly and cause digestive problems. 

If you are worried about having ants or small animals tamper with your outdoor cat feeder, make sure to get one with a silicon rim or an airtight lid.

Microchip Feeders for Cats

If you have multiple animals or cats in the house, it can be tricky to keep track and implement their dietary requirements. This is especially the case if one of them is prone to overeating or needs to lose some weight.

With cat microchip feeders it will register a microchip your animals can wear and ensure that only the animals that are allowed to have access to the feeder have it. Dogs are notorious for stealing cat food, so this will stop any wolfing the food down when your back is turned!

Voice Recorder Cat Feeder 

Cats can be very particular when it comes to feeding and who is feeding them. They often take a while to get used to things and don’t like to experience new situations. 

This is why if they are used to your voice, you can use a cat feeding dispenser that can record your voice to talk to them whilst they are eating. They will feel comfortable, even if you aren’t physically present and it maintains their sense of routine and consistency.

It’s a great way to stay connected to your animals even when you can’t feed them every time. You can also program the feeder multiple times a day.

However, be careful as cats will be naturally curious and attempt to play with the feeder once they get used to it, meaning that they can spill or knock the food over. 

Different Types of Cat Feeders

We hope this article on 3 different kinds of cat feeders has given you an idea of what there is for your cats that match their behavior. There are plenty of options out there to make sure your cat is happy and full at mealtimes.

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