How to Keep Cats Entertained: 5 Pawesome Tips

Keep Cats Entertained

As cat owners ourselves, we already know how much you love your cat. But do you know how to keep your cat happy?

If you cherish your furry friend, you should know how to keep cats entertained, engaged, and happy.

Help your kitty live the best life possible! Here are five tips that will help keep your cat happy.

1. Use Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys are designed to stimulate your cat’s brain. These toys challenge your kitty and help them burn off some of that extra energy. 

All cats are extremely playful and curious creatures; they need to be entertained with various toys and challenges. From laser pointers to cat dancers, there are plenty of toys on the market for your cat to choose from.

Try a cat circuit to stimulate each of the five senses of your furry friend. Play circuits are a great choice for cats as the various modes of play will keep your cat engaged with the toy for more than a few weeks!

2. Play Fetch

That is right! Fetch! Who would have thought cats love to fetch as much as dogs?

Although the ‘bring back the ball’ part of fetch does not come naturally to cats, they still enjoy chasing a little mouse. Fetch simulates hunting in the wild, so let your cat sneak up on his toy!

Make sure you use a toy that your cat can easily fit inside their mouth. 

3. Install Cat Furniture 

Cat furniture is an easy way to keep cats entertained. If you own a cat, you know how much they enjoy climbing.

Opt for a vertical cat tree so they can enjoy climbing up and viewing the space from a high point. Your cat love being able to watch over you!

Other great furniture ideas are scratching posts, scratching benches, climbing walls, and cozy sleeping beds. With so many great options on the market, you can customize the space for your cat’s enjoyment.

4. Have a Window View

Having a special space for your cat to look outside is like a TV for cats! If you have an indoor cat, an outside view is even more important. 

Indoor cats need a safe space to relax while they watch the birds go by. The outside world is a simple way to keep your cat engaged and stimulated! So leave those blinds open while you are out!

If you have the time, take your cat out on a leash for supervised, safe play!

5. Play Hide & Seek

It is natural for cats to hunt! Although they do not want to eat you, allowing some hide-and-seek play is a perfect way to keep your cat entertained. 

Set up some hiding places, a tunnel, or a cat tree for some interactive play! Hide around your home and let your cat find you! Or maybe you can play chase; either way, your cat is sure to love it!

This Is How to Keep Cats Entertained!

That is right—now you know how to keep cats entertained! Keeping your cat happy is an important part of cat ownership. These tips are sure to enhance your cat’s playtime activities, plus our site has plenty of great options for cat furniture and toys.

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