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Here are some popularity facts about cats. One in five British and North American homes have at least one cat as a member of the family.

There are more than 6 million felines in Britain and 5 times that number in the United States. Americans have for some time owned more cats then dogs and in 1998 it was announced that Britain has also joined this group.

In some other countries cat ownership is even more widespread. In France and Australia for example, the proportion is near one in every three homes. Cat facts about the relationship between cats and the human race. This partnership goes back at least 4000 years.

Although it had ups and downs over the course of history it has never been stronger than it is today. This feline fact is most likely because of the busy demanding lifestyles of today.

A cat is easier to care for then a dog. People enjoy the love and comfort of having a pet. A cat can provide all of this and require less attention and be more self-sufficient.

Beware of Toilet Kittens

t is always interesting plus rewarding to know and understand more about your pets and their history.

My wife and I have combined our 30 years worth of experience in cat ownership to write the following facts about cats content.

Although we may know a lot about cat facts, cat Behavior and cat health, this animal always retains the ability to surprise with their unique personalities and different characteristics. There is always that crazy cat that will throw you a curve.

A Famous Cat Quote

Throughout this website, I will quote famous people through history and their almost famous cat quotes.

For example, Walter Scott wrote. Cats are mysterious kind of folk. There is more passing in their minds then we are aware of. I truly believe in what Sir Walter Scott wrote, and that is what makes the cat owning hobby so wonderful.

The mysterious nature of cats and their behavior continues to surprise and hold my attention. This section of the website is intended to be a compiled amount of information geared towards Facts about cats for current cat owners and owners to be.

The following cat facts articles will provide you with some background information about the world of cats. Please click on the articles below for further information on its titled subject.

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