Pesky Pets: How to Make Cats and Dogs Get Along


Cats and dogs make fantastic companions to any family and they make each day more rewarding. In fact, a huge 68% of households in the US own at least one pet, proving that the US is an animal loving nation.

We all love it when our animals play together, but sometimes it doesn’t go so well. There are a lot of times where our cats and dogs don’t get along with each other. 

Of course, you want them to become best friends. Don’t lose hope, read on to find out how to make cats and dogs get along in no time.

1. Introduce Them

If your cat and dog haven’t yet met each other, you’ve got a good chance to make a positive introduction. You can’t put them with each other right away, they must be properly introduced.

It’s all about slow and steady introductions. Start by putting them in separate rooms with a grate or baby gate between them. This way, they can meet without touching or attacking each other.

You can move on to feeding them next to each other but with a closed door between them. This way, they associate their new companion with something positive – food. It means they have a better chance of getting along

2. Train Your Dog Well

If your dog is an excitable ball of fluff, this can be alarming for a calm cat. If he bounds across the room for food or toys, this can cause the cat to attack.

Instead, spend some time training him to approach things in a calm manner. Get him to respond well to verbal and physical cues so he won’t get too excited. 

When it comes to being around the cat, the atmosphere will be much calmer and they can learn to interact better.

3. Think About Personalities

In the same way humans do, all animals have different personalities. Many of us need to know how to deal with difficult people and so do animals. 

Learn about the personalities of your cat and dog breeds. This way you can gain some insight into how they react and how you can manage their meetings better. 

They may be standoffish at first, but eventually get used to each other. Or if their personalities don’t match, you may need to find a way to separate them in the long term.

4. Exercise is Key

What may look like rowdy behavior may in fact be down to the fact your pet it bored. Animals may fight with one another when they have too much energy to burn, so get them active.

Take your dog out on longer and more frequent walks at least once per day. Staying in the house all day makes a dog antsy and bored so he may act out more often. Cats also need exercise so pick up some cat toys and get him moving around too. 

If you don’t have the time, consider hiring a dog walker or ask someone to walk him for you. It can make a huge difference to the way your cat and dog interact.

This is How to Make Cats and Dogs Get Along 

If you’ve wondered how to make cats and dogs get along with each other, these tips are sure to help. You don’t have to worry about them fighting all the time or getting rid of one of them. These tips will help them live harmoniously in no time.

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