5 Cat Toys You Need to Get Your Four-Legged Friend

cat toys

Our furry friends are a very important part of our families, so we like to make sure our cats are as happy as possible.

The US is a cat-loving country, in fact, 68% of all households in the US own a cat. That means there are a lot of cat products out there to choose from. But how do you pick the right ones?

Cat toys have a lot of great benefits. They keep your kitty entertained and prevent them from destroying the furniture.

Looking for some unique cat toys for your cat? Here are 5 of the best for your favorite pet.

1. The KONG Eight Track

Cats love toys which tap into their chasing and hunting instincts. The right toys encourage your cat to play and offer mental stimulation too.

The KONG Eight Track is the perfect cat toy for this. It’s a figure of 8 with two balls which spin around the track and includes a catnip tail and feather.

It encourages your cat to bat and pounce at the track to engage their natural instincts. Not to mention, it looks super cute too!

You can buy it along with other pet supplies online as a fun treat for your feline.

2. Smart Scratch Post

If your cat has a problem with scratching at the furniture, it can be a huge annoyance. But it’s easy to fix, a cat scratching post should help him stop.

But one of the problems with most cat scratch posts is that they don’t fit the decor of your home. If that’s the case, you should try out the SmartCat scratch post.

The SmartCat scratch post is a stylish, sturdy and tall cat post which looks great in any home. It has a wide base to prevent it from falling over and your cat will love it.

3. Toy Food Dispenser

A great way to make playtime for your cat even more fun is to add in some of their favorite treats. The Petsafe Slimcat Interactive Toy keeps them from boredom and rewards good behavior.

All you need to do is fill the ball with treats and roll it on the floor for your cat. You cat will paw at it and roll it along the floor to try and get the treats out.

It’s something to keep them occupied for hours and your cat will love you for it!

4. Cat Activity Centre

The best cat toys are those which combine treats and fun play. This is where the Trixie Cat Toy comes in. This activity center makes finding their treats a fun challenge.

If your cat is food-driven and often steals treats from your other pets, this is a great toy for them. They must paw at the pegs and tunnels to get their treats. So long as there are treats to find, they’ll never get bored!

5. Cat Wand Toy

Not all cat toys need to take up a lot of space or make noise. There are a lot of cheap and small toys which will do the trick too.

The Hartz Bend a Wand Toy is an affordable toy which your cat will love. It’s a flexible toy which you can hold or wrap around furniture for your cat to play with. It has a mouse attached for your cat to chase after and chew.

It’s a great way to interact with your cat and perfect for adult cats as well as kittens.

Get These Cat Toys to Keep Your Kitty Contented

Cat toys are a great way to entertain your cat and keep them from being bored and getting up to mischief. These 5 toys are affordable and will make sure your cat remains contented throughout the day.

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