What Makes Cats Happy? How to Keep Your Cat Happy

Cat Licking Its Paws

75% of cat owners say their cat will comfort them if they are unhappy or sad. It makes sense that cat owners would want to know what makes cats happy so they can make sure their loveable bundle of fur is living the best life possible. 

If you are a cat owner who wants to spoil your cat with love, here are several ways to keep your cat happy.

Give Your Cat Something to Climb

Making an indoor cat happy doesn’t have to be complicated. 

A sure way to keep your cat occupied and satisfied is to give them something to climb. Items like cat trees for large cats or any size cat are ideal because they can climb and scratch to their content without causing damage to your furniture.

Buy Plenty of Toys

Providing plenty of toys is an important part of keeping cats happy indoors. 

Cats love to play with toys because they are hunters by nature and toys provide interactive play that allows them to act out their instinct. If your cat enjoys catnip, don’t hesitate to indulge him frequently by buying toys with catnip.

Grow a Kitty Garden

Cats love to nibble on grass and there is no reason they have to miss out by being indoors. 

There are many different plants you can have that are great for cats to nibble on at will. You can also plant a kitty garden of cat-safe grass just for your little nibbler to enjoy. Some grass, like wheatgrass, grows quickly so your cat will be able to enjoy their garden about a week after you plant it.  

Make the Litter Box Cat-Friendly

Cats can have a reputation of being a bit picky, and their litter box is no exception. 

Some cats will even refuse to use a litter box that is not in their ideal environment. While finding the perfect spot and the perfect environment for your cat’s litter box may be frustrating, it’s an important part of making sure your cat is as happy as possible.  

Reduce Stress Triggers

A great tip for how to keep your cats in a good mood is to reduce the stress triggers in their environment. 

Cats are easily stressed and prolonged stress will affect their mood and can even result in health issues. Take some time to observe your cat’s environment and schedule and notice anything that may be stressing your cat out. The most common stressors for cats are a change of environment, separation anxiety, or a new pet or baby. 

Provide Plenty of Alone Time

Making your cats happy also includes providing them with plenty of alone time. Much like humans, cats enjoy lone time that includes space and privacy. You can create a hideaway for your cat to escape to or simply leave him alone when he seems to need the space. 

What Makes Cats Happy: The Bottom Line

Knowing what makes cats happy is essential to be a great cat owner. By knowing what your cat likes and dislikes, you can ensure he is living a happy and content life.

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