What Are Some Good Ingredients I Should Look for in My Cat’s Food?

good ingredients

Cats can be mischievous, moody, standoffish and downright mean. While this is true, there’s no question that they are also beloved pets in millions of households – 86 million to be more precise.

If you have a cat you love – and want to ensure they remain healthy and happy – then you likely know that quality food with good ingredients is a must-have. Unfortunately, with so many cat food options on the market today, finding the best of the best can be somewhat challenging.

The solution is to use the information here. When you know what ingredients to look for, you can ensure your feline friend has the best food possible and that they remain healthy.

A Clearly Listed Source of Protein

This is the most important ingredient to look for when searching for a quality cat food. Also, you don’t want to see “meat” as the listed protein.

Find a food that lists a specific type of meat, such as salmon, lamb, turkey, chicken, etc. In some cases, it may be followed by organ names, such as chicken heart or chicken liver, which are also fine.

Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamin E and Vitamin C are often added to cat food as a preservative. This is fine. You may also notice other minerals and vitamins listed, which are only going to help improve your cat’s health further.

A Named Fat Source

Try to find a food that includes some type of named fat source. An example of this would be “chicken fat.” You may also see something such as sunflower oil, or another oil. These are signs of high quality, premium foods.

Specific Carbohydrates aka “Fillers”

This is a no-go when it comes to your cat’s food. Be sure to read labels to make sure none of these are present.

Keep in mind, your cat is considered an obligate carnivore. This means they have to have meat to thrive. It also means they don’t need carbohydrates.

The truth is, cats have some issues trying to digest certain carbohydrates, and several food allergies are triggered by carbohydrates in their food. Unfortunately, the majority of dry foods use carbohydrates to be the “filler” to hold all the other ingredients together.

However, cats don’t need grains. Try to find foods with the carbohydrates such as potato starch, sweet potatoes or green peas. If possible, stick to canned food, with high-quality dry food used as a time to time treat.

Finding Cat Food with Good Ingredients: Now You Know

If you are looking for food for your cat with good ingredients, the tips and information here give you a great starting point. Be sure to do plenty of research and speak to your pet’s vet for more recommendations.

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