Toy Eating Cat

by A. (Waltham, MA)

Cat eats mouse tails

Cat eats mouse tails

The first thing my cat Zip does with a new fur mouse is eat the tail. He also tries to eat pickles, cardboard and microfiber fleece, so the toy-eating could have something to do with his being insane. But I think he just doesn’t understand that the mice are fake.Zip’s way of playing with a fur mouse is to grab it, run to the back of the apartment and crouch protectively over his prey like a lion with a zebra carcass. He even used to growl at his sister Echo if she dared to come near it. I guess that eating the prey quickly is his new way to defend it, because a mousie becomes just another toy to him once the tail is gone.P.S. It’s not only the tails anymore. Today I found a bright-blue object on my bedroom floor that turned out to be a disembodied mousie butt. I’m kind of impressed, but the vet is concerned, so from now on Zip will have to hone his killer instincts with jingly balls.

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Cat toy eaters by: Duck and Gweekys Mom Several of my cats have loved devouring these mousy tails. I had to be very particular when purchasing these mice because neither Duck or Gweeky would enjoy any ol’ mouse. I have since moved to Colorado, from Southern California, and don’t know where to find these little furry mice with the leather tails that were so loved by my cats. Does the author know the brand name of the mice and where I can purchase them? Thanks so very much for your help.