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by Kittengirl250 (Pueblo, Colorado, U.S.A.)

Toilet Kitten

Toilet Kitten

In my house you have to check the toilet before you sit down! Because toilet kitten might be in there? when my cat was just a kitten, he would always jump on the toilet seat lid when you went in there. He would follow you, then up he would go on the toilet seat lid. This cat had a thing where he would try to figure out where you were gonna sit and beat you there. Basically a seat stealing cat. This also applied to the best seat in the bathroom (the toilet).One day I went into the bathroom, and like always, he followed me and jumped on the seat. Well, it turns out that my son left the toilet seat OPEN! This is a basement toilet so there is not much water in it. Well he went inside and figured out how to stay above the water line.Now sometimes he hides out in this spot waiting for someone to visit the potty so he can surprise them. Guests or visitors asking to use the bathroom are warned about the toilet kitten. This story is more funny then strange! Maybe I should have posted this in another cat..agory?

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Hilarious kitten! by: Julia HAHA! It’s really too bad you couldn’t get a video!! That would have made you money!