The Definitive Guide on How to Remove Cat Hair From Furniture


We love our cats! But we don’t love stubborn cat hair on our couch. Having lingering cat hair floating around or stuck to upholstery can set off ours and our cat’s allergies.

But cat hair is stubborn when it comes to wiping it off our furniture. If your furry friend sheds easily, then you know how quickly it lands on your chairs and couches. This is especially true for long-haired breeds.

You’ve tried to get all the hairs but haven’t had much success. Luckily, there’s no need to worry. You’re in the right place.

Keep reading as we list some great tips on how to remove cat hair from furniture. Your cat’s claimed the throne. There’s no denying that. 

But having a hair-free home doesn’t mean relinquishing your cat’s hierarchy. It just means following this guide and using these simple tricks!

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the first stop for cat hair removal. Vacuum what you can. And use the vacuum’s special tools for furniture cleaning.

Although the vacuum might not be able to reach into the smaller cracks where pet hairs hide, it’s a good starting point. The vacuum will suck up all of the loose hairs.

Any hairs that the vacuum doesn’t pick up are most likely embedded into the cloth or upholstery. So any hairs left after a good vacuum cleaning will wipe off using the following strategies. It’s also a good idea to vacuum at least 3 days every week. 

So for long-haired cats or multiple cats in a home, you might need to vacuum even more than that. Keeping your home hair and dust free not only keeps you happy, but it keeps your cat and other pets happy as well. It’s important to always learn more about keeping your pets healthy and happy!

Dry Sponge

Take a dry sponge to the surface area needing cat hair removal. Make sure that the sponge is nice and clean before using. Wipe the sponge back and forth the piece of furniture.

The cat hairs will stick to the sponge! Frequently remove hairs stuck to the sponge and place in trash. This keeps the sponge open for retrieving new hairs. And it stops the hairs already picked up from coming off and landing back onto the furniture.  

Rubber Gloves

There are two ways to try rubber gloves to remove cat hair from furniture. You can try using dry gloves or damp clothes. The choice is yours!

But if one doesn’t work, simply try the other. The best rubber gloves to use are kitchen dishwashing gloves. Place a glove on your hand and run it across the top of anything hairs stick to!

The hairs pull right off of the item and cling to the glove. If using the dry technique, then pull the hairs off when the glove becomes full. If using the damp technique, then run the glove underwater to rinse off the hairs and then repeat the process until all the hairs are removed!

And it’s great for getting into tight spots!

Lint Roller/ Tape

Lint rollers work pretty well to remove pet hairs. It might take several sticky sheets before the job is done. But it should do the trick! 

If lint roller sheets are too costly to go through so quickly, then try using tape! Take a type of heavy-duty tape and wrap it around your hand sticky side out. Then use it with the same concept as a lint roller.

Rub your tape-wrapped hand across and all around the furniture. Hairs will stick with no problems! But make sure to use a heavy-duty tape.

Regular Scotch tape isn’t thick or sticky enough and might not work as well. 

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are used for eliminating static electricity in your dryer. But they’re also great for removing cat hairs! Dryer sheets will pick up cat hairs from any surface. 

And this includes your cat! Try using a dryer sheet as a “brush” on your cat. It will grab any loose hairs that may be resting on your cat.

The best way to completely eliminate cat hairs from your home and furniture is by going to the source! You can use an unscented or free and clear dryer sheet if you are worried that your cat is sensitive to fragrance. And of course, you should also brush your cat regularly.

Try brushing your fuzzy pal outdoors to prevent hairs from escaping the brush and landing in your home. 

Damp Cloth

Lightly dampen a washcloth and run it across your furniture in one direction. The hairs will wipe off in seconds! If needed, you can rinse the cloth off and wring out if it gets too full of hair. 

Another great trick is using a damp mop. A very lightly dampened mop is good for removing hairs from the carpet. But it can also be used to remove those hidden hairs under the couch that we can’t see! 

Run the mop under the couch and see how much hair it pulls out! It will also pull pet hairs stuck to the bottom of the couch rather than just the hairs on the floor under it.

How Will You Remove Cat Hair From Furniture?

With so many different tricks and hacks to get the job done, which trick to remove cat hair from furniture will you use? Pick the one that seems the best fit for your situation. Take into consideration how many cats your hair and how badly the shed. 

And remember, if one trick doesn’t work, don’t give up hope. Move on to the next one for better results! And if you loved learning about cat hair removal, then you’ll really enjoy learning how to eliminate cat odors for good!

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