Shirt Dragging Kitty

by Sha (Carrboro, NC, USA)

Hi we have a shirt dragging kitty. Our cat, Dimey Lou, has been dragging clothes (mostly shirts)out of my daughter’s closet. This happens almost every day for two weeks. She is a black cat who will be three years old in July. Today she dragged five shirts downstairs and left five more upstairs. I’ve seen her do it, and when she does, she cries, sort of like she’s in heat, but she’s spayed. She did this last summer when my daughter and I were out of town, and we thought it was because we were away, but lately she’s doing it again. Has anyone else ever experienced similar behavior w/their cat? Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Nest building by: Becky My female calico likes to drag clothes. This includes socks, underwear, and shirts. She is also around 3 years old and has been fixed. She also seems to be calling out while dragging the clothes.She gets most of the clothes from the hamper and then piles them up like a bird building a nest. My boyfriend thinks she is going through some natural instinct about preparing a place to have kittens?It may be you can remove the sex organs from the cat but not the natural instincts that goes with them?