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We put together this pet food FAQ page to get a conversation going about a subject that my pets care about greatly.

They like meal time more then any other time of the day. We want them to be happy and enjoy what they eat, but we also want what they consume to be good for them.

I mean you wouldn’t feed a baby ice cream 3 times a day just, because they like it. My kitties like shredded cat food with lots of gravy, but that’s not all they get.

One of the initial concerns when first jumping into pet ownership is what to feed this new member of the family. Foods for pets is a huge market and getting bigger daily.

I just saw a commercial for refrigerated fresh stuff found in the refrigerated section of the pet store.

I didn’t even know there was a refrigerated section at my pet store. There are hundreds of options available for owners to choose from when it comes time to provide meals.

For those pet owners, new or long standing, this article will answer some of the more common questions regarding pet foods. Jumping right in, someone asked if one brand of dog or cat food is really better than others?

Well that depends largely on who you ask. There are some veterinarians and pet stores that recommend one brand of pet food over another.

You do have to be careful of there motivation for such recommendations.

If they sign you up for home delivery they might get a percentage of each sale month after month. Residual income is a powerful motivator.

If you’ve recently acquired your pet you may want to continue using whatever brand the breeder or previous owner fed as to provide a period of continuity before transitioning over to your preferred brand.

If your pet does not tolerate a diet comprised mainly of wet pet food, you may consider mixing the wet food with a dry food. You can experiment with different brands to determine which your pet prefers.

One thing you should consider is that just because a brand is expensive does not necessarily make it better than a cheaper brand in my opinion. Check the contents to see what is in the food to make a better comparison other than by pricing.

Common Pet Food FAQ

organic home cooked chicken

A visitor asked what type of snacks or treats should I give my pet? There are a lot of great pet snacks on the market that my kitties enjoy.

However, they like the ones I home cook even better. You can find the recipe on the home cooked cat food page near the bottom. Considering the age and relative health can help determine what type of snack is best for them.

Take for example a cat or dog that is relatively healthy, but is overweight. The veterinarian may suggest offering healthy snacks such as a bit of apple instead of high-calorie dog treats found in many packages.

You should definitely avoid giving any pet snacks that are high in sugar and preservatives. Next up another great question.

Is it okay to give my pet dairy products? Most cat owners would be surprised to learn that cats do not tolerate dairy products that well.

The same thing for dogs. Just because they like it doesn’t mean you should give it to them. Dairy products are hard on their digestive systems, have little protein and are usually high in fat.

Veterinarians suggest only giving milk products made for animals and for the most part only when they are young. Some suggestion never give pets “human” food.

I don’t agree with that statement, but what’s true is some food humans eat are harmful to pets. Onions, grapes and chocolate are just a few things that come to mind that go on the never list. Some people believe in buying organic for animals.

In the past decade pet owners have made great strides in demanding that their pets receive the same wholesome, pesticide-free foods that they eat.

This will boil down to a personal decision and your thoughts on the subject. I do buy somethings organic, but I’m not religious about it.

When you are shopping for pet food make sure that the bag or can is listed as 100% organic and that the company is a certified organic grower or producer.

A few visitors recommended Newman’s Own when it comes to organic stuff for humans and animals. It is said that they do not use wheat gluten or utilize any meats, grains or vegetables that have been raised with pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones.

A nice lady asked Cindi if a pet’s dietary needs change as they get older? Our vet told us throughout a pet’s life there are changes that occur in their dietary needs.

Young pets need additional proteins and vitamins to grow strong and healthy. An adult pet needs a food that keeps them within their weight recommendations and keeps them functioning at their best.

Carrying excess weight takes it toll on joints and can reduce the energy level making matters worse. As your pet enters senior years, dietary needs will change again as metabolism and activity levels continue to decrease.

Most pets will begin to put on weight despite the amount of food you feed them. You’ll probably need to switch to a senior formula of food that is low on calories but still high in protein.

You can also buy formulas specifically if the pet has joint, skin or hair ball problems that are often associated with pets growing older. Remember when in doubt ask a professional veterinary doctor or assistant.

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