New Girl Kitten

by Stacie (Belfast)

My one year old cat Tegan took to our new 6 weeks old kitten like it was her own! I have a one year old cat called Tegan. She has not been spayed yet. We just got a new girl kitten, she is 6 weeks old. My older cat Tegan has took to the little one like it was her own. They lie together grooming. And the older cat watches everything the little one does. If she hears her meowing, she runs to see if shes okay! Its the cutest thing and totally unexpected. I didn’t even think they would be friends! And this is only after like 2 days! How adorable! Another submitted story about a female kitten. My kitten is about a year old now, she makes me laugh as every night. Just after I turn in, she will come up to my room and always has to sleep with her face burrowed underneath my neck like she is smelling my hair. Sometimes this is very annoying and so she will make do with her head under the fold of the cover ect, as long as her head is snuggled in she seems content. My other adult cat will knock on the window to get in whenever she wants in, and go to the cupboard where her food is kept and open the door herself.

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to cute 🙂 by: Anonymous Aw they are both beautiful well done 🙂