My Wonderful Cat

by Debbie (California)

My cat Spooner is a very remarkable cat. When my husband sits in his chair and reads his book she goes up to him, sits down in front of the chair, looks up at him with her beautiful green eyes and puts her paw on the chair. My husband has to stop reading and pet her. After a minute he goes back to his reading and there she is again, putting her paw on the chair wanting to be petted. This goes on until she gets tired of it. I have come into the room and told her to go up to my husband and that’s what she does. I then tell her to give daddy her paw which she does. It is truly remarkable.Sometimes my husband wants to lie on the floor and read. He puts his book down for a minute and Spooner will go over to him and lie down on the book so he cannot read. Also, instead of using the lamp light he sometimes wants to use a flashlight to read at night. Well, when he puts it down Spooner will come over and lie down on the flashlight so he cannot read. You have to see it to believe it.One more thing she does. This has happened just a few times, but when she wants to go to bed she will pull out the lamp plug so that it is dark and we have to go to bed.We just love everything about our cat Spooner and I hope you enjoyed this things that she does.