My Kitten Conquers The Bath Mat!

by Teri (Stanley, VA)

Cat beats up bath mats

Cat beats up bath mats

I have a 4-month old orange tabby male kitten, and yesterday he decided to punish our blue bath mat. I heard scuffling from the bathroom, and peeked in to find that Caesar was tugging fiercely on the mat. The nonskid backing was slowing his progress, but he kept right on, with much pulling and leaping – apparently, you must jump around to make the mat removal successful.Caesar took about ten minutes to drag the mat completely out of the bathroom, by which time I was collapsed against the wall, trying not to wet myself while helpless with laughter. Moments like this make life beautiful!Teri: Our cat Thomas beats up on our bath mat every morning. I added a picture of it to your submission. Our bath mat does not have a rubber backing though.

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Love the pic! by: Teri Don’t they always look so superior when doing something like that? 🙂