My Cat Waddle Bear

by carrie turner (spokane wa)

waddle bear is just one of many names he is called and he recognizes. This name is applied when he takes that chance of going outside to venture and even though he is still in my view he seems to think he has made a very long and chancy move. My cats name really is bobbikitti. I named him after my ex. They both looked alike and resembled the looks of a cougar, big and real bluish green colored eyes and the skin colored (no hair)on the bottom of the nose and pure white on top of nose.My cat waddle bear is the one who found me actually after being born outside under a boat we had, unknown to me and after one thanksgiving I had set the turkey outside to put in garbage and later found this little cat with what looked like frost bitten little ears trying to drag this turkey away off of my deck. I scared it off, later he came back,and knowing he was an outside cat I put a tic collar on him trying to be helpful and later he came back with it almost choking him. He let me take it off and then I let him sniff my hand and he let me pick him up and that was all she wrote, we bonded closer after i found that he had been terribly abused and almost killed by a male (person). And since has been terrified of everyone, and up until this last year and half I have been working with him to reverse his fears with others that visit the home, and his fears of going outside. moving away from where he was born and had lived for ten years was a shocker too. His adjusting wasn’t so bad and not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. My cat waddle bear fears people and relies on me in so many ways that I have had to be non-selfish with that in regards that i must help him heal and get back to normal behaviors and work with him to conquer them so he is not deprived of what ‘cats lifes’ are all about. Verses being ‘home bound’ inside and going crazy with his curiosity and having no way express or act out or inter-act.My cat and I are extremely close and have a real unusual understanding and relate with each-other by voice and actions. I believe in him and he shows me the same with out a doubt. And the name waddle bear fits because his weight is at 21 pounds. So waddle bear fits to a T when he so rushingly trots in his little steps back to the door with his tail all up and super flared out knowing that the door that just let him out, will always be left open for him so that he can be re-assured and trust he can get right back in, when his fears get the best of him no matter what the season. Doing this has been helpful to his recovery. He is my number one and thanks for letting me tell a little bit about him.