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by LC (Camas WA)

My cat is obsessed with his tail! I recently changed my cat’s diet to partially raw & Felidae All natural grade because of Bladder stones and struvite crystals. A few days ago his behavior has changed. He is obsessed with his tail as it continually flicks & he looks like he’s agitated with it. I noticed he is licking himself more than usual. He sometimes gets a distant look & one time he acted like he was watching something I couldn’t see. I read somewhere that someone eliminated Felidae from the diet as it appeared it was an allergic reaction possibly because of the alfalfa & the cat improved. I am beside myself because my cat has always been very healthy & happy (other than the Bladder stones and struvite crystals) and now he’s not himself. I can tell by looking at his eyes something is NOT right. Does anyone have suggestions?

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My Cat did the same thing by: Carole This happened to my cat and she was diagnosed with feline hyperethesia. Read about it and see if you don’t recognize the symptoms, then speak with your vet. It is related to an obsessive compulsive disorder and believe it or not is treated with Prozac.


I think it’s an allergic reaction by: LC Once I removed the Felidae he’s improving greatly. I read that Felidae changed their formula and I honestly believe it has something to do with it. Thanks for your suggestion!


Haunted cat by: Michelle My 5 year old male Siamese cross is doing the same thing. I have researched quite a bit and asked some professionals. Everything points to the same thing – Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. Google it. Then take him to a vet. Good luck.


cat allergy? by: Tiffany Speak with your vet as soon as possible. If it is an allegic reaction, things could get worse. (e.g. trouble breathing, hives, etc) Good luck!