My Cat Died Today

by Louis (Candiac)



My cat died today and here is my story. It was 10 weeks old only, also a tabby. Two weird things: The number I called before purchasing this cat was the wrong number. It was a church’s number. Also the cats name was Celestial. In French this means from God, or heavenly.I’m trying to understand the message, as I know this soul has taught me something, but I can’t put my finger on it yet. This cat was extremely fragile, as it lost it’s mother only 4 weeks after birth. So sad, good thing I believe in God and his mysterious ways, but I’m still in shock and do not tolerate to see any souls suffer this bad.

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MY CAT DIED TODAY by: Roz from Driffield in England I have just read your story and cried! I am so sorry for your loss. Here is my story which I hope gives you some comfort. My beautiful cat Mr Meanie was put to sleep in my arms on Monday 15th March (he was 16 and had kidney problems due to age). He was so special, my best friend. He spent a lot of time in my bedroom on my bed. I live in a bungalow and my bedroom is opposite the kitchen. On Thursday 18th March I was in my kitchen just reading something and for some reason I looked across the hallway to my bedroom. Moving across the floor in my bedroom was a strange dark cloud-like object(the size of my cat)! I saw this cloud for about 3 seconds then it just was not there! I knew it was my cat and this comforted me. And then days later I heard him miaow-5 mornings in a row! And finally I was trying to sleep, eyes closed, but fully awake when he sat on my tummy! I have never had anything like this happen before, with his sister when she was put down or with my horse when he was also put down.But in some way it made me realize that all my animals are up there, free from pain and that one day I will see them all again. I do hope this helps you a little, I know what your going through. Time is a great healer. take care. Roz