My Cat Cuddler by night

by Karine (Oregon)

So i recently got a kitten he is almost 6 months old now. I’m not a cuddler person. Before i got him i researched a lot thought about it a lot bought the necessitates next thing you know i had a kitten of my very own. At first he would sleep under my bed in a corner and not want to come out but after i took him to the vet got him his kitten package. He’s almost done getting all his shots. After he first went to the vet now at night he wants to sleep by my face. He purs and rubs his face against mine. At first i thought it was cute and all, but once 4am hits i want to sleep already. i started pushing him away after a minute or two but he keeps coming back to cuddle. if that wasn’t enough he started another habit i find odd. if I’m sitting down somewhere he will come and stare at me. I just look at him and turn away but he keeps starting at me i see him from the corner of my eye. So i turn to him and say what do you want. He usually will keep starting but after a while he will give off a really girlish meow and walk toward me. he will continue with his girlish meow till he is right in my face and he will try to bite my arm or neck. It’s really odd i never saw my sisters cats act like that. and before we go to bed i always give my dog a kiss goodnight and then my cat will come meowing. he will stand of his hind legs put both of his front paws of my face and close his eyes and then he pushes his noise onto my lips while his eyes are still closed. It’s really weird he will stand like that for a while but i usually push him away cause. i hate waking up to see him cuddling against my face or trying to push his noise on my lips again. when he first started i was like aww he is so cute but after he continuously pursues this behavior it’s not so cute anymore. Every night i swear i push him away more then 30 times but he keeps coming back to cuddle i spent two hours from 2am till 4am trying to get him to leave me alone and it’s really annoying cause he just won’t give up. I have been trying to get him to stop. Plus my dog is a jealous one so he starts to growl or he will step in-front of me to block my cat off from me. it’s really hard to deal with both. I somewhat found a solution to it but i want an alternative cause it’s just to mean and hard to keep doing. i realized if i cuddle and give lots of kisses to my dog my cat will sleep by my door and not want to get on the bed but if i give attention to my cat and kisses his he starts purring nonstop he looks so happy. But then my dog won’t sleep on the bed. My dog sleeps by my feet so it’s not a problem but my cat he is just to persistent. My sister said it might be cause he loves to cuddle so she tried cuddling him but he gets mad and hit her face anyone who tries to cuddle with him gets hit on the face so i don’t see why he is so persistent on cuddling at night. And yes even i tried cuddling with him at times he is okay with it but he doesn’t even like me cuddling with him. i hope he grows out of his odd habits. I”m signing him up to be neutered in a week from now i hope this curbs his habits.

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he just loves you by: MICKEY Glad to know you are getting him neutered, but the thing is your dog and your cat both chose you as their person and there is a lot of jealousy involved. the cat just wants your attention. some cats are cuddlers.A solution: close the door to your bedroom at night with your dog on the inside with you and your cat in the rest of the house. It’s not cruel, and it keeps you from waking up gasping for breath because the “little darling” is sleeping on your nose and cutting of your air supply (been there with mine). Hope this helps.