Miaow Chow: Your Guide to the Different Types of Cat Food

types of cat food

Over 47 percent of homes in the US own a cat.

Between the love bites, purrs, and pure curiosity, cats create a fun atmosphere in any home. Cat owners can confidently say owning a cat is a constant adventure because you’re never quite sure what they are getting themselves into.

Like any living thing, what you feed your cat is important. It’s crucial to do the research and know what you are putting into their bodies.

Below is a quick breakdown of types of cat food. Make sure to keep reading, especially if you aren’t sure what to make of your favorite feline’s diet.

Homemade Food

If you have the money and time, the best way to control what cat food your cat is eating is making the food yourself at home. Before doing this, make sure you spend time conducting the proper research.

Preparing the cat food yourself is an exciting game of balancing nutrients and vitamins, properly storing the food, and knowing how much to feed your furry friend. Despite it being complicated, it can be extremely healthy for your cat!

Dry Food

One of the easiest and most economical types of cat food is the classic dry cat food. You can grab a large bag of dry food at any pet store and major stores such as Walmart.

Before you randomly grab one off the shelf, take a while to look at the ingredients and quality of the food. If you are new to having a cat, join an online cat forum and community to ask questions about cat food types!

Taking the time to choose the right cat food types will create a happy, playful cat! Make sure to have tons of toys around for the little guy.

Canned Food

If your cat isn’t a fan of dried pellets, you could try switching to canned food. Canned food provides a semi-moist option for yummy meals.

However, some canned cat foods have been avoided by many pet owners because of additives within the food that aren’t the best for your pet. Like with all of the cat food types, take time to glance at the ingredients.

Wet Food

This food type tends to be the more expensive option, but some cats prefer it over anything else. It usually comes in cups or pouches and is mostly a liquid substance such as gravy.

Wet food can also be used to pour over dry food to make it an exciting change for your cat. It also softens the food and makes it easier for the cat to chew.

The Top Types of Cat Food

If you are close to introducing a cat to your home or looking to change the current diet of your own fur friend, take some time to review the different types of cat food.

Not only should you look at your cat’s lifestyle and diet, but also take a look at yours. Decide what is best for your time management and wallet.

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