Many Quirks Poptart Cat

by Lori (Bakersfield, Ca)

Poptart the cat

Poptart the cat

For my 22nd birthday my boyfriend let me adopt a kitten. She’s gray and white with a purple bow and a jingly bell, all kinds of cute. She has a few funny little quirks. When you cradle her in your arms, she’ll see her tail hovering above her head and she’ll grab at it and begin to vigorously lick and suck on the end of it. If you try to grab it away from her she’ll fight until she gets her tail back in her grasp and continue the cleaning. She follows you around the house like a small gray shadow, mewing and waiting to be pet. When you hold her while reading a book she stares at the pages with you, almost as if she’s reading too. She sucks and nibbles on your earlobe when you snuggle her near your neck. She likes to play tag and hide and seek around the house. All in all, my cat keeps us entertained, probably the best birthday gift i could have asked for.

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too young by: Anonymous it actually sounds like the cat was too young to be taken away from it’s mother and was trying to nurse, first on her tail and then on your ear.


let you? by: Anonymous Was it your boyfriend or your DADDY who let you get a kitten? Grown women do not need to be “let”to do things – only children do need permission.