Male fixed cat howling

by L. Freis (Daggett, Mi)

Male fixed cat howling and dragging stuff. Okay, been a cat owner for many, many years. Have dogs, horses and goats too. But find cats to be the most interesting, and cannot ever imagine being without one! Decided to finally look up George’s little issue. He was abandoned and we adopted and fixed him when he was around 2 years old. He is my ranch “George the Foreman” and rules the roost on our place. He oversees everything and every creature including 3 other cats. He is sometimes an inside cat and sometimes will spend days and nights outside. When inside he occasionally starts howling “vocalizing” making almost human noises which I have always associated with mating cats. What makes him different and funnier he does this while dragging sparkly, bright colored “Mardi Gras” beaded necklaces in his mouth and letting them drag between his front legs like he is a lion dragging a dead antelope around the Savannah. He will talk to himself quite loudly and drag his beads down to his food bowl. Later he will snatch them again and drag them down the floor back to where he will lay and watch them. He is extremely affectionate during this time also. Seems to happen in the evenings and late at night mostly. I have also through reading other post on this site.. have found out he is a “masturbater” also.I knew but just never heard it called that before! We now know that when he has a certain loving look in his eyes, and makes certain noises to grab anything soft or cuddly that we don’t want him messing with…he also has been know to reach up on our arm, bite and start to make himself feel good. We accept George with all his oddities and eccentricities as we do all of our animals. They have all been adopted and have their special needs and issues just like people, and we are blessed to have them. Please spay and neuter your pets. Thanks!

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howling and dragging stuff by: Anonymous After looking online this is what I was able to make of Georges behavior. It is an instinct to hunt and kill and drag it to where it is safe to be eaten and then hidden or watched over until the next meal. Someone once told me that the reason that domesticated cats basically come in one-size is that if they came any bigger they would instantly all become lions and tigers…that there natural instincts are that close to the surface of our little Fluffys and Mittens…are in my case “George-the ranch Forman.”


Make fixed cat howling and dragging things by: Blake I can’t believe someone wrote about this! I have a middle aged to a bit older, sweet wonderful cat that we love very much. He is primarily an indoor cat. Has been all his life. However, over the last year or so, he has taken to grabbing his stuffed pet lion by the ruff and HOWLING as he drags it like a lion-kill scene from Africa! He picks it up in his mouth, starts howling loudly, immediately, and drags the thing all over the house. Its hilarious, but can get annoying when we are trying to rest or do things requiring quiet. He picks that stuffed animal up as high as he can, its legs dragging in between his as he walks; and he HOWLS and HOWLS with this deep-throat-ed moaning noise he only does when he drags his kitty cat. Any suggestions why he does this?