Male Cat Howling

by Molly Jones

Male cat howling? My 1 year old male cat has not had the snip and has been happy these past few days. Last night was bonfire night and a lot of fireworks were going of which could of scared him. I woke up this morning and he was acting strange, not walking properly, and howling really weirdly. Every time i go near him he walks away or looks up at me and just lies on the floor looking at me, I am not sure whats wrong with him can you help?

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Female cat howling too by: Sunshine My cat is over 15 years old and is howling and waking us up all throughout the nite. We have tried everything left windows open stacked coins on ledge cause she enjoys pushing them over-board or spray catnip on toy or hide her toys because she likes to find them (thinking if we gave her activities) she’d quit howling. Than also to top it off now she thinks its a game and waits until we get in bed then howls. I’ve actual began to chase her around the house to squirt her with a water bottle. She thinks its fun because as soon as i get back into bed its howl and run thru the house.When i try to ignore the howling (even when it keeps us up) she will than come in bedroom and howl or when i think shes finally given up howling she comes into my bed and begins to lick or play bite. sometimes i give in and play but as soon as she leaves than the howling and meowing begins again. It’s driving me nuts, any suggestions?


Mine howls too by: Anonymous So my cat Kitty (I know how original) will randomly pick up 1 of its toys that’s plush and kitten sized, walk around with it in its mouth and start meowing quietly then getting louder. Finally it will drop it by its side and sometimes will do it again until it has 1-3 same sized plush toys and will sit next to them by her side. Does this mean she wishes that they where REAL kittens or just a usual cat behavior with toys? Her sounds she makes sounds really desperate and somewhat howlish? Please if any one can help me. I have been thinking about getting a kitten to maybe make up for her not being able to have kittens herself.