Make Your Kitty’s Teeth Shine! 5 Must-Know Cat Dental Care Tips


Your cat is probably a lot like you. They enjoy long naps, love eating their favorite food, and need their teeth brushed at least once a day. While brushing your cat’s teeth is probably just as much of a taboo thought for you as giving them a bath, it’s something that has to be done.

It can be a difficult task, however, especially if you don’t get your cat used to it when it’s still a kitten. They’ll fight you on it that’s for sure. Here are a few cat dental care tips to get you started on helping your kitty have a cleaner mouth.

1. Brush Their Teeth 

Your cat needs their teeth brushed either once a day or at the very least twice a week. Cat’s tend to not enjoy fingers near their mouth so if you don’t get your cat used to it when they are still a kitten you risk being bitten

You’ll need to pick up a meat-flavored toothpaste that is specially made to meet the needs of a cat and a little kitty toothbrush from a Sykesville Veterinary Clinic

2. Massage the Gums 

Once you’ve brushed your cat’s teeth, you’ll need to go in and massage its gums. As strange as this sounds it will limit their risk of tooth decay because it stimulates blood flow. 

It will also strengthen their gums and if they have any developing oral issues, it will help them heal. 

3. Special Treats

Like with dogs, there are special treats available that will clean a cat’s mouth when they eat them. Like the dog treats, it will freshen their breath and fight off plaque.

These can be prescribed by most vets and it’s probably one of the easiest ways to clean your cat’s mouth.  

4. Dental Sprays 

If they won’t eat the treats then you can get your vet to give them a prescription for dental spray. All you have to do is spray it in their mouth at least once a day and it does basically the same thing the treats do. 

You can add it to their water if you can’t get them to open their mouth long enough to use the spray. Just keep in mind that this may cause them to stop drinking their water due to the funny taste. 

5. Schedule a Vet Appointment 

If your cat resists so much that you can’t clean their mouth or you would rather stay as far away from those razor-sharp teeth as possible, then you can schedule an appointment with a vet. Vets have access to anesthesia so unlike you, they don’t run as much of a risk of being bitten while cleaning the cat’s mouth. 

Cat Dental Care Tips to Make Your Kitty’s Pearly Whites Shine 

Like humans, cat’s are vulnerable to gum diseases. So, as strange as it may be, you have to take adequate measures to keep their teeth and gums clean. Use these cat dental care tips to keep your cat’s mouth healthy.

You may be able to give your cat CBD oil to calm it long enough for you to clean its teeth. Keep reading to find out if it would be a good option for your kitty.