Kingsley the Diplomat Cat

by Alexis N. (Philadelphia, PA)

Molly with Kingsley, Hugh playing from the floor.

Molly with Kingsley, Hugh playing from the floor.

My husband and I got our first pet, a tiny baby Siamese, named Kingsley Zissou Graskemper, in 2005. Adorable, but emotionally needy, we found ourselves adopting 1 year old Snow Shoe Siamese Hugh Graskemper in 2006. When Hugh emerged from the APL-provided box, Kingsley walked right up and began licking and cleaning the frightened cat. For a long time Hugh was Kingsley’s pet; Kingsley still loved us and divided his time. Eventually, Kingsley accompanied Hugh on visits around the apartment, convinced him to cuddle on the couch instead of under the bed, and showed him that life in the apartment was a happy one. Now Hugh cuddles with us on his own, although Kingsley is never far away.About a year after Hugh, we found ourselves with a new unexpected addition – a 5 year old Golden Retriever named Molly. Rambunctious but submissive, the ultimate Omega, Molly took her cues from Kingsley. Kingsley, ever the diplomat cat, proceeded to groom Molly and show her where she could sleep. She was banned from the bed, but encouraged to enjoy the couch. She was never, ever to disrupt Hugh when he was having alone time, but was welcome to join a group cuddle. Hugh was given deferential treatment, but expected by Kingsley to be polite. Kingsley even showed Hugh how to play with Molly’s tail.My husband and I were able to let them work out their little society as they saw fit. We are very happy that our older pets were able to adjust, thanks to the firm, consistent, guiding paw of Kingsley. Our friends and family are always amused at our Animal Utopia.

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Awwwwww! by: Tiffany That is one of the sweetest 4-legger family stories that I have ever heard. My husband & I comment all the time about how some people say that 4-leggers (We can’t say the “c _ _ ” word in our house. If we do, they all look around to try & find it. lol) don’t understand things the way we do. I say bull! A lot of times, I think they understand things a lot better than we do! God Bless & Best Wishes to your adorable family!