Inside A Feline’s Mind: What Do Cats Think When We Kiss Them

Kissing a Cat

Do you own a cat?

Studies show that in 2016, there were over 68% of American households who own a pet. Over 94 million of them were cats, along with over 90 million dogs. Many pet owners have a close bond with their furry companions.

However, the bond between humans varies between cats and dogs. While humans often take their dogs out for walks, cats prefer their solitude.

Many people prefer cats because they need to earn their trust and love. Have you ever wondered: What do cats think when we kiss them? Read on to learn more about what cats think about their owners.

Do Cats Like Kisses

What do cats think when we kiss them? Some pet owners may find that their cats respond to kisses by purring or leaning in.

Your cat may also rub their head on you to show that they understand your gesture. However, many cats may not appreciate kisses.

If your cat moves away from you or their ears go back, kissing may not be the best way to show you love them.

Cats may not understand that kissing is a sign of affection. It may also not be the best way to show you cat some love.

How to Kiss Cats

Many cats can tolerate a small kiss on the head from their owners. If they show any signs of hostility, learn to understand and respect it. Stop kissing your cat if they move away, lays their ears back, hisses or swats at you.

If you want to kiss your cat, avoid kissing them on the lips. Most cats will view this as an invasion of personal space. Kissing your cat on the lips is also not sanitary.

Many cats can carry parasites and bacteria that can spread to you through their saliva. Kittens and cats who haven’t had recent vaccines are more susceptible to this. Cats with dental problems may also carry issues.

If you’re meeting a new cat, avoid kissing them on the lips. Teach your children the right away to kiss cats or to avoid it completely.

Other Ways Cats Show Affection

Even if your cat loves you, they may not always appreciate your kisses. However, there are other ways that cats show affection that you can also try. Here are some of the most common ways that cats show affection to their humans.

Kneading Legs

Kneading is one of the primary ways that your cat tries to say they love you. They will use their paws to push in and out against something soft, like your lap. Your cat may start kneading when they’re sitting on your lap while you pet them.

Kneading is a way for cats to return the affection you give from petting. However, kneading may become more painful the happier your cat is. If your cat tends to knead while sitting on your lap, place a soft barrier like a blanket between your cat and lap.

Bringing Presents

Bringing presents is a way for cats to show their affection, integrated into their instincts. Your cat’s gifts may range from toys or small, dead animals.

Many hunters who hunt and catch prey and bring the bounty to their loved ones. It may be odd, but it’s a sure sign that your cat loves you.


Cats have secret glands in their bodies, including their heads and cheeks. When cats headbutt you, they mark you with their scent.

If your cat or kitten starts rubbing their face or head on you, they’re marking you as part of their family. Cats use scent as a source of comfort. This also helps them mark familiarity with their owners.

Staring at Your Eyes

The easiest way to understand that your cat loves you is when they stare at you. When they blink slowly, they’re trying to tell you that they love you.

If your cat stares at you and blinks slowly, then does it again, it’s a sign that they love you. If your cat does this, they trust you. Experts say that slow blinking is the human equivalent of kissing.

Showing Their Belly

The belly is a cat’s most sensitive area. When they show you their stomach, cats say that they trust you. Cats that rollover to show you their belly feel comfortable around you.

Cats are defenseless while on their backs. Cats who do this feel loved and safe around you.

Curved Tail Tip

If you want to understand cat gestures and language, the tail is a great communication tool. In contrast to dogs, cats wag their tails when they feel agitated. Cats can also use their tails to express happiness.

They do this by fluffing out the base of their tails while quivering them gently. Then, they hold their tails up while maintaining a slight curve at the tip.

Rubbing Your Legs

Rubbing against others is one way how cats show affection. Rubbing against your legs is a similar gesture to headbutting.

Cats rub against your legs to place their scent on you and claim you as family. Allowing your cat to rub on you is essential to your relationship and bond.


Purring can offer a variety of meanings. Purring can range from concern to happiness. However, if your cat purrs while in your presence, it may be an expression of love.

Following You

A cat that follows you enjoys your company. If your cat finds ways to get close to you, you know that you have a loving connection. You can test this by checking if your cat follows you outside of feeding time.

What Do Cats Think About Dogs

Cats think about humans like fellow cats, but what about dogs? Many cats and dogs on media don’t get along. However, not all pets are aggressive towards each other.

Many dog breeds on media, like the Presa Canario, are not aggressive at all! You can explore the history of the breed here.

What Do Cats Think When We Kiss Them

Ever wondered what do cats think when we kiss them? Now you know! They’re quite complex and emotional creatures, especially for small home-bound pets.

But why stop here when you can discover even more cool facts about your furry feline friends? If you’re looking for more tips about caring for your fur-baby, check out our other blog posts today!