Icicle the crazy albino cat

by Mitali (Pune, India)

In the washbasin-my personal bunk!

In the washbasin-my personal bunk!

Hi everyone! This is a story about Icicle the crazy albino cat, a little white kitty. I live in Pune, India, and have been rescuing little kittens and trying to re-home as many as possible. It does not always work out so currently i have 8 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 kittens. About 2-3 months ago, i was given a little white, blue-eyed male kitty, who turned out to be deaf. It took him a while to stop screeching as every little thing spooked him, but he is now fine, and is now okay with the rest of the population.I worry a lot as my kitties go in and out during the day, and are locked in at night. Being between 4-5 months old he now goes out to play, which is very unsafe as he has no concept of danger. I wish i could find him a home where he would always be indoors, but nobody is willing to take in a deaf cat. Which is sad, as he is ridiculously active and playful, and very purry (when he is not yelling). He is an annoying sweetheart! Well, please send him your good wishes so that he gets a good home.

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Poor little Icicle by: Anonymous I hope Icicle has found a wonderful home by now. I had a white kitty once that was also deaf. He also had one green eye and one red eye!