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Cause of Bladder Stones in my Cat? by: Peter V IF your cat has been diagnosed with bladder stones and they are struvite stones (lack of PH in urine) immediately get rid of clumping cat litter. After a lot of research, struvite stones are filled with magnesium and guess what, clumping litter has magnesium in it. Now, if your cat does not go outside and/or does not cup his foot to drink water, (or drinks water through one foot in the water – could be a Siamese thing), then don’t worry about clumping litter. My cat goes outside, drinks water using his front paw, and oftentimes for over 5 years he gets the clumping litter stuck on his paws and then eats the litter when cleaning himself. I also found a lot of clumping litter sediment in his water. Now, after the bladder surgery, using regular clay (non clumping) litter, he is back to normal and no more blood in the urine. Coupled with the clumping litter was the reverse osmosis water I was giving him and this water lacks minerals and is very alkaline. So, unknowing, I had a “perfect” set up for creating stones in my cat’s bladder. (I was using this water (reverse osmosis) because my regular water is softened and it has a high amount of salt in it.)

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