Hot to Trot Kitty Cat

by John Lewis (Bklyn, N.Y.)

Hot to trot kitty cat story. I have two cats, one is 6 months old, I got her when she was 6 weeks. My other cat is about 2 years old, I have had her for about a year. I will admit that I am not well versed in cat behavior but this older cat is strange. 1) She go’s into heat every 10 days or so and it lasts for about 4-5 days! I am always making an appointment to have both of them neutered, it is always on the weekend and 7am. Something always comes up and I miss the trailer (it is the free neuter service provided by Toby and comes around once a month)!Whew! Now that I got that out of the way my question is: Are cats supposed to go into heat so often? It’s driven me nuts all those howls and rubs. Another thing is, the older cat always or at least at every opportunity has her face up the others backside and she licks the little one there. When she stops she has this weird grin on her face, I guess it’s a grin, lets just say her facial expression changes. Why does she do that? Is this normal for a cat? Is my cat a “freakazoid” or something? Can anyone give me some real knowledge on these issues? Oh yeah, one more thing. The younger cat who I named “Trouble” is constantly climbing and jumping all over my apartment. She knocks my plants down off the window sill, rips the shades with her claws, even though I provide her with a perch to look out the window! She pulls my curtains and gets her claws stuck until either she brings the curtain down or she gets loose! She claws my shower curtain and it is in strips, I went through 4 shower curtains already, that is just to give you an idea of the torment I get from the little one. Now when I rescue the little one and grab her the older one bites my ankles and tears into my calf with her claws! I am constantly being assaulted by my “so-called” Pets!!! I have had 2 visits to the emergency room, once I developed cellulitis from the bites and clawings, the other time I was given a shot, bandaged up and told to, ” be more careful”, I just looked at the doc like he had two heads! So, I have a dilemma. I love these two cats, I have been told to “give them up for adoption”, bring them to a “no-kill” shelter etc. My problem is, “I will feel guilty”, big time, and also “creepy”, like I just abandoned them to their own fate. So I am stuck, I know that they have caused me grief and anger, frustration etc. but I care for them and think that there is a happy solution to this dilemma? I just need someone to provide the answer and know it isn’t I. A little Help please.

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Diagnosis Major Anxiety Disorder by: John via Brooklyn.. Hi Roz, thanks for your input and suggestions, I appreciate it. I neglected to mention another behavior of my younger cat, it’s kinda funny in a way but nerve wracking when I am concentrating on doing a task. First, in regards to your ideas, I provide my kitties with plenty of toys and scratching posts, perches etc. and still they go “ballistic” and lately, in tandem! Suddenly the younger of the two will jump up in the air, fly onto my sofa, jump onto the coffee table and leap onto a bare wall. I mean that, there isn’t anything there to attack! She will run, full speed through my apartment jumping onto things, knocking things over and just create havoc! My neighbors must think I am “bonkers” I yell at her to “stop it”!! Louder each time she decides to go “postal” on me, lately the older one joins the fray and between them they create chaos in my place.My nerves are “shattered” all things considered I believe it sounds like a wild party going bad to everyone else in the building! Of course no one has said anything to me, they just stare and give me these weird looks like I’m a candidate for the “loony-farm”. I will make every effort to get these gals fixed, I will pray earnestly that there isn’t any “side-effects” after the surgery! If they act any crazier I will have myself committed to a mental ward for neglect!


HOT TO TROT KITTY CAT by: Roz from Driffield, England Hi Iv just read yr story with great interest. Wow, you are having problems! With regard to yr older cat coming into heat-I got my cat from an animal center, she has been spayed but she is coming into heat every 14 days, 7 days on heat and 7 off! and yes its driving me mad too! Now this is a difficult one so the vet tells me, either she has ovarian remnant(bit left in when she was spayed) or its a behavior problem! Very hard to put right I’m told!! But getting your cat spayed should solve your problem. As for the younger cat, I’m not too sure what to suggest. Maybe plenty of toys, a scratching post, or you could go to a cat behavior expert? There is one at my vets so I may have to seek advice from her. Please let me know how you get on. -Roz