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by Michelle (Texas)

Cat rubbing sneakers

Cat rubbing sneakers

My exercise kitty, Spot, has many strange behaviors but the one that is the most interesting is his reaction to my husband when he gets ready to run. Whenever my husband puts on his running shoes Spot goes crazy. He will rub around my husband’s legs and meow the entire time he is stretching. When T’ stretches against the door Spot will usually join him. Spot does not react this way at any other time that my husband works out, only when he is going to go out for a run.Exercise kitty video added

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Cats like to run by: Shanon I would buy my cats a treadmill If I new for sure they would use it. Cats love to run and its good for them to get their heart rate up once in a while. This is why they play and jump and go nuts sometimes. It’s cat healthy and fun too!


Exercise for cats OMG! by: Tiffany That is great! I laughed so hard, I think I wet myself. It’s obvious that they both enjoy it. I don’t think it’s mean at all! Thanks for the laugh.


That was mean. by: Anonymous You should have let the kitties enjoy the walk and not torment them with such high speeds.