ex-cat hater

by Kenny Daly (Cd’A, Idaho)



O.K. to start this out let me just tell you about how much i hated cats. I would shoot at them with BB guns 22’s a bow and arrow or even go as far as to fire a firework at one! I was the biggest hater of cats that i knew besides my brother. Let me just say that we equally hated them nasty feline things. We loved dogs and all other animals, infact we had a black lab LADY was her name. She lived 16 and a half years with us…for us. She was the best dog a boy,two boys or even a family could have. We put her downin the early fall last year ’07. She was still tough as pup that day and every day, of course she did have her elderly problems but she would never let you see it. So to get on with my great story about cats!!! I was sitting in my living room one night a week before Christmas ’07 trying to watch a movie with the family while this annoying MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW went on and on until i finally had it. I pushed pause and went for the door. My youngest son of six was right behind me. No son of mine was gonna like cats you know? So I opened the front door and let out the most loudest annoying hiss for about one second when i saw this tiny little shriveled up calico kitten. My heart sunk as the terrified little thing scurried around the corner! I closed the door and then i caved, I looked at my boy and said well actually she was pretty cute wasn’t she? He got that smile from ear to ear and said “yes she was and she looked hungry too”. Well darn it anyway but I went out, called here kitty kitty kitty as if I were calling my prey but in a sweet manner! She was very timid but she poked her head out from around the corner of the house and with a little got some food in the palm of my hand trick she came close enough for me to pick her up. She didn’t have the energy to try to fight me plus i was probably very warm to her. We had 10 degree and less weather for the last two weeks. So we go inside to make her some warm tuna fish, thats when her adrenaline overpowered her weakness. She flew out of my hands and sprinted for the slider, little did she know that it was solid. Whamo! She hit that glass without even a clue, I felt so bad. She ran from there back into the living room on every piece of my leather furniture I now remembered that i hated cats. I opened the sliding glass door and prayed that she would get lucky this time and make it out. To my surprise she did and then that little turd stopped at the bottom of the three steps and turned around with that dang little innocent look and dared to give me another MEOW!!! Once again I caved, I left the door open while i heated up some tuna. After we gave her the tuna we turned off the movie went to garage and yep… we stayed up until midnight making our Cali girl a nice warm cozy bed outside though. She has not been away from our house for one day since. We have since, got her spayed all of her shots, wormed, registered, and yes all of the toys that she could want, a nice new bed in the garage but it is heated just for her! The Vet. assumes her to be one year old and in very good health considering the circumstances. They say sometimes we don’t always pick our pets, sometimes our pets pick us. Well she did indeed. Speaking of her, the little beast is right here on my lap as i type this out. She loves it when i just move the mouse around. She doesn’t like it in the house too much, only if she is in your arms and if you let her down she heads straight for the door to the garage and sits and waits for someone to open it for her. Cali will never replace my Lady Dog, but She will hold a close second. So now I am an offical EX-CAT HATER!!!! So is my brother!!! Sorry no pics of her uploaded on my computer yet but I will do it this next week and post them as EX-CAT HATER I will show you one of my Lady Dog on her final resting day. Fresh groomed with cherry-almond scent her fav! So cute!

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Great cat story! by: Anonymous Love this story, thanks for saving her. I know not everyone sees eye to eye, but I don’t understand why people have to be so cruel. Cats can’t choose to be something else. God bless you!


Reformed cat hater by: Paris I am glad you are no longer a cat hater! I also hope you never killed any when you where shooting at them with your arsenal of weapons. Thank you for saving Cali from the cold and getting her the medical attention she needed. If we could convert more haters into lovers the world would be a better place!