Does Your Pet Look a Little Peaked? 9 Signs That You’ve Got a Sick Cat


You are your cat’s entire world. They trust you to love them, feed them, and above all else, take care of them when they are sick. How do you tell when your cat is sick though, it’s not like they can tell you?

Cats can’t tell you in words that something is wrong with them, but they can show you. You have to look for the little signs like maybe suddenly your cat is laying around a lot when they are normally very playful for example.

Keep reading to see all of the signs that you may have a sick cat so you can take them to the vet and get them the treatment that they need.

1. It’s Vomiting 

Vomiting isn’t normal unless it’s the occasional fur ball or you know they have the bad habit of eating their food so quickly that they throw it up. These things are of no concern but if they do anything more than that, you should probably get them to the vet as quickly as you can. 

Some people may think it’s okay for a cat to throw up every few days or throw up when they are a little upset on their stomach like a dog, but they don’t. It could be the sign of an actual health issue. 

If you want to try home remedies before you take your cat to the vet that might work too. You can go here to learn more these suggestions work for dogs, but they may work for your cat as well. 

2. You Notice a Change in It’s Grooming Habits 

If your cat is under or over grooming then that could be the sign of a bigger health problem. If they are under grooming it’s because they are so uncomfortable that they lack the motivation. You’ll notice that they aren’t tending to themselves because their fur will be matted or exceedingly oily. 

If they are over grooming then that could point to skin irritation or allergy. They may also over groom if they are feeling a large sense of anxiety.

If you notice that your cat is doing these things you should visit a vet right away. Usually helping the cat is as simple as changing their food or routine. 

3. It has Diarrhea

Diarrhea is uncomfortable for anyone, including your cat. The problem could be as simple as the food you’re giving them, or it could point to a larger problem like an intestinal parasite. 

If you notice this issue, you need to grab a stool sample if possible and make an appointment with your vet. If you leave it untreated then your cat could become dehydrated or suffer further intestinal discomfort.  

4. Its Appetite has Changed

If your cat tends to skip meals occasionally but still eats normally then there is no reason for alarm. If they stop eating entirely or start eating less and less then you have a problem. Not eating for several days can be a sign of fatty liver or hepatic lipidosis.

On the flip side of this, overeating is also abnormal and should be brought to a vet’s attention, especially if your cat is older. It could be a sign of hypothyroidism and even if it’s not, overeating can still lead to obesity. 

5. There has Been a Significant Weight Change

Any change in weight for your cat, especially if it’s sudden is a large indicator something is wrong. If it’s weight loss, it could just be a simple stomach ache, but there is also the chance that it could be something more serious like cancer or kidney disease. It’s important to note even though a cat tends to eat a lot with hypothyroidism one of the symptoms is losing weight despite that. 

Hypothyroidism can also cause the cat to blow up. Rapid weight gain can also point to pregnancy, infection, tumor, or Cushing’s disease. 

6. It’s More Lethargic 

It’s a common stereotype that cats just lay around all day but if you can’t get your cat to do anything at all, then that’s not normal. If your cat seems to be laying around or sleeping a lot more than they usually do then you need to call a vet.

The same can be true if a cat who is normally playful starts suddenly sleeping a lot. It could be a sign of a health issue. 

7. There is Something Off with its Eyes or Ears 

If your cat is healthy, it will have bright eyes with matching pupils. If their eyes seem a little cloudy or the pupils are varying in size, that’s not normal. Also, if you notice any discharge around the eye area, this could be the sign of an infection. 

The ears should also be free of discharge. If you notice this or redness and inflammation then you should make an appointment with a vet. 

8. Increased Thirst 

You probably don’t notice your cat drink very often, that’s because they really don’t touch their water dish much. So if you notice that your cat suddenly can’t get enough of their water, or you’re having to refill the dish periodically, that’s a huge sign something is wrong. 

It usually means that there is something up with their kidneys or they have a urinary tract infection. 

9. It has Bad Breath

Your cat can’t brush their teeth so they won’t exactly have fresh breath, but it shouldn’t take your breath away when they meow in your presence either. This usually points to an issue with their kidneys.

If you do notice smelly breath, then you should get up close and personal to check their gums and teeth for signs of inflammation or discoloration. 

How to Tell if You Have a Sick Cat on Your Hands 

Your cat obviously can’t tell you in words that something is wrong with them, but they can show you with changes in behavior and other signs. Look for these common hints that you have a sick cat on your hands so you can get them to a vet stat. 

Going to the vet is stressful for any pet, especially your cat who, let’s face it, probably doesn’t love car rides as much as a dog. Keep reading to find out how to make vet visits less stressful for your sick cat.