Difficult Pupils: Can You Really Teach a Cat Tricks?

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Do you want to teach your cat tricks but don’t know if it’s possible?

As it turns out, cats are as receptive to training as dogs our. But most people don’t know this and think their moggy won’t respond to their efforts.

Read on to find out how trainable they are and how to go about teaching your cat tricks.

Can Is Your Cat Trainable?

If you’ve been paying any attention to the internet, you’ll already have an idea of how clever some cats can be. Yet the perception that cats aren’t trainable still remains.

It’s simple to do when you work out what motivates your cat. Then work this into a positive, reward-based training technique. Training is a great way to strengthen your bond with your, stimulate their mind, and keep them fit and active.

Click and Treat Method

As cats respond best to reward-based training, clicker training is a great place to start. You make a clicking sound each time your cat displays the behavior you want it to. Then you give a reward.

If your cat is food-motivated, then use their favorite treats. If your cat is on any specific foods or supplements, like CBD cat treats, you can use these instead.

Gain From Training the Right Way

Make sure you’re training your cat the right way. Don’t punish your cat if they do it wrong or don’t respond. You should never force them.

And keep sessions short, at about 5 minutes per session. Finish on a positive always and check your cat is enjoying their time training. Never push them to become bored or irritated as this won’t be productive.

Three Tops Tricks For Your Cat to Learn

Here are three great tricks that are easy for your cat to learn.

1. Fetch

Start by rubbing something tasty on your cat’s favorite toy. Throw it a little ways away from them. When your cat goes to the toy and picks it up, ‘click’ and immediately provide a treat.

When your cat brings the toy to you, click again and provide another treat. Repeat this again once they drop the toy in front of you. Keep doing this until your cat gets it and then you can start adding the command ‘fetch’ when you throw it.

2. Sit

Hide the clicker in one hand and a treat in the other and call over your cat. Hold the treat above your cat’s head. As their eyes follow it, they’ll sit down. Click and reward with a treat.

When your cat gets better at doing it, only give a reward for taking a firm sitting position. When he/she is sitting 9/10 times, add in the ‘sit’ command.

3. High-five

Call your cat to you while having your treats and clickers at the ready. Hold the treat above their nose, waiting until they reach up with their paw. Once they do, add in the command ‘paw’ or ‘tap’, and click and reward.

Practice this each day, but keep it fun for your cat. Remember not to push them too hard.

Cat Tricks Your Cat Will Love to Show Off

So there you have it! As it turns out, it’s not hard to train your cat at all. In fact, teaching cat tricks to your moggy will benefit your cat – and you.

It will help improve your bond and stimulate them. It’s particularly good for cats that live indoors all the time. So what are you waiting for?

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