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by Sheila (Canada)

Dear Cat Facts

Dear Cat Facts

Dear Cat-Facts: Yes, I’m one of your subscribers, who thinks my 2 Tabby cats are extremely smart. I’ll just try and make this short for you, as I’m sure you’re busy. First of all Luci(fer) as my late husband named him, is so flipping smart & arrogant, the latter especially since my hubby passed away 21 months ago.He and his brother Merlyn absolutely adored their Dad. They liked me more or less, but it was him that they worshiped (well, me too). When he unexpectedly died on us, well, between his weird relatives & mine. All three of us were glad to see the back of them, for sure.But, I was very worried about their behavior. They were extremely distant, even with food, toys, catnip, didn’t matter what I bought them, even treats. Obviously they both took it hard……… And for a full year, Luci wouldn’t come to bed with me at night, while Merlyn came after 6 months, but finally Luci did. And now, well, let’s just say, I’ve one under my arm always & one under my knee cap. needless to say, I don’t dare drink any water when I’m in bed, for the obvious reasons !!!However, the most awesome thing was this: My ‘Gary’ passed on in April 07. I’d never had to deal with the preparation, burial plots, name plate, urn, etc etc. Plus the cost. So finally in middle June, things came together, and I’d brought his ashes home in the best Urn I could find, baby blue sky, with white doves on it. But I’d asked the Funeral Director, if he could seal the lid on, as I was concerned about our Tabby’s knocking it over and a disaster that would have been……right?Brought it home, and as usual they always have checked out anything new that comes in.I took it in and immediately placed it in the living room, in front of our book shelf, then slowly backed away into the kitchen and watched around the corner.You won’t believe this, but, they both were sitting directly in front of it.JUST SITTING.For about 10-20 minutes…………. Literally sitting………and staring at it. About 6 inches away.Never touched it at all, or even sniffed it. (Which is rare for them, as they sniff everything……?) I did have to run to the lady’s room, so they might have then? I’m not sure! Came back, and they were in the same spot, only laying, front ways, looking directly at the Urn.THEY STAYED LIKE THAT FOR ABOUT 45 MINUTES!Just staring, not sleeping, or looking at me, as they usually did, wondering what I was up to. no! Then suddenly, they each just got up and walked away. Like almost as if they’d paid their respects and that was that.Now that happened in June And I didn’t get my Government Death Benefit until early August, therefore, didn’t appropriately bury my beloved’s remains, until August 10th/07. The service was held at 6:00 PM to accommodate all my hubby’s work-mates.Was a bit concerned about removing the urn, however, at 5:00 PM, I was ready to go, they were snoozing on one of our Wing back Sofa Chairs, they watched, didn’t move, I got to the front door, they were still watching me. Left, with no problem. Returned and no problem.I thought that was rather awesome. Very meaningful to me, any way’s.Just wanted to share. By the way, these precious little ones are like my own children.They know it too. But, they’ve really helped me get through this difficult journey in my life! Its rather comforting, as first of all they don’t talk back, like I’m sure you must know how relatives can be, but it doesn’t matter how many tears I’ve shed, every time, they immediately are attentive, it’s almost like they’re each trying to think of something to do or some behavior they can perform, to cheer me up.Yes Cats are extremely intelligent! And they’re always in my nightly prayer too!Thank you for letting me shares with you. My best wishes to you & yours for this New Year God Bless.Sincerely,Sheila PS: This is our babe’s shortly after we brought them home from adopting them.Luci on the left…………..Merl on the right.

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Cat facts wow by: Anonymous cat’s are so awesome. i call it “fuzz-therapy.” they always know when a cuddle or a frisky bat at your hand will be needed most. my cat will come up and kiss me on the nose whenever i’m feeling down. it’s wonderful that your guys held sort of their own little funeral for your husband. that just lets you know how much they loved him and that they knew it was him in the urn and not just some new trinket you brought home. you have some special kitties.