Chasing Invisible Mice

Picture of Invisible mice

Picture of Invisible mice

I am a little worried about my cat. She will occasionally (seemingly unprovoked) run around the apartment with her crazy eyes as though she is chasing a toy or something that isn’t there. She’ll also paw under the couch as if there is a toy stuck under there even though there is not. We just moved to a new place and I’m worried that the change is stressing her out. I’m especially worried for a couple of reasons: She’s been having issues with urinary tract infections and I have heard that stress (such as that associated with a move) can trigger UTIs. And also, a previous cat of mine used to do the same thing and started doing it more frequently right before she died (I’m concerned that it is an indicator of poor health).

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Same actions by: Anonymous Our cat acts the same way. Not sure why, but here to maybe get answers.


Check his thyroid by: Gwen I have two cats, both quite old. The oldest one (almost 18) has had that same wacky behavior most of it’s life but not daily, although often enough.He has always been much thinner than my other cat, even though they have the exact same diet. Now the vet has discovered he has hypothyroidism and needs medication to control it for the rest of his life. Maybe the weird chasing and sofa-attacking behavior has nothing to do with the thyroid condition; I never thought about a connection until I read your post. But the vet said he may have had hypothyroidism for many years since he was always so thin compared to my other cat.