Cats Like Sweeping

by Amy Buchanan (Jamestown, NY)

Almost every time I sweep my kitchen floor, my cat gets excited. She will come in and rub against my legs and make ecstatic noises and purrs. She will then flop down on top of the pile of sweepings and roll around. She has been doing this behavior for the past 6 months. She is the only cat I have had that likes floor cleaning. Am I the only one with a silly cat?Amy: My cats are also into any kind of floor cleaning that is going on as long as it is not the vacuum cleaner. They like the mop and bucket the traditional brooms and most of all the steam mop we have. I wish we could teach them how to hold the broom and do some actual cleaning!P.S. I through in the video of the cat that drives the Roomba vacuum. My cats would never go for this as they are opposed to loud noises. But how cool is a black and white cat that can drive a Roomba!Cats like Roomba added