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Cats are fighting

Cats are fighting

Can you please help? I have two rescued tom cats, one which I got when he was about 8 weeks old, the other I got when he was about a year old. They have done very well together until recently. They are both approximately 2 years old now, both are neutered, and they have recently started fighting. I’m talking fighting, not play. Fur literally flies! Do you have an explanation for this? Most of the time they get along well, but they are fighting 2-3 times a week now. I separate them for a while and they are OK after that. Tucker weighs 2-3 pounds more than Puff and Puff has no front claws, so he cannot protect himself as well as Tucker.Any suggestions other than finding a new home for one of them. No doubt, when I leave the house I will have to put them in separate rooms for fear Tucker will do major harm to Puff while I’m gone. I’m sure it’s a territorial thing, but why now, after getting along for over a year?Thanks! Lindsey Related cat behavior articlescats not getting along

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More on cats fighting by: Anonymous A friend of mine told me something had happened to create a territorial issue between the boys. I remembered a few weeks ago that Tucker became very upset with something outside my lanai. His tail and body were puffed up and I had to bring him inside to calm him down. Apparently this made a change in him and he’s started taking it out on Puff. This also happened when Puff got outside through a broken screen in a window and he sat outside the lanai, upsetting Tucker. I’ve had to keep them separated for a few days now. Whenever Puff sees Tucker, he begins the “yowling” and defensive moves. My friend also told me her male and female cats did that and she kept them separated for about a year until they could get along again. That’s a really long time to tolerate this behavior! And my guys are both males, not one of each. I will read your related articles and talk with a vet this week to see if he has any suggestions. Thanks for your quick response! Lindsey