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by Mark (Florida)

Cats and Recliners

Cats and Recliners

Petpainter writes: Hi Mark: I watched your videos with amusement but I feel I would not be a responsible cat owner if I did not mention this to you. A couple of years ago a member in one of the cat groups wrote absolutely devastated. He had just rescued a little black and white kitten and was nurturing it along. He loved that little kitten. He came downstairs one day and couldn’t find it. He looked every where and thought it must have found a way to get out of the house. He set off to search for it without luck. He later found the kitten under the foot rest of his easy chair which was exactly like the one you show. He had been sitting on it, got up, the foot rest went into place and trapped the kitten. It did not survive. I urge you to put something that would block it from closing entirely. I know you have probably had it for some time but you just never know what might make a cat try to amuse itself by hiding in a new place. Lynn, from Ontario, CanadaLynn: Wow, good call on the dangers of the recliner! In fact this almost happened to Thomas Our (black & white cat). Scared us to death! We now leave the chair in the reclined position and I removed the handle so no one can change the position. But since this is more common then I realized I will post the story on the site somewhere. Thanks for your input!

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Sorry for your loss by: Anonymous Hard to believe that the cat didn’t cry out.or give some kind of alarm. Did the cat die right away? Sorry, must have been heart breaking.