Cat Stealing My Stuffed Animals!

by Ginger (Tampa, FL, USA)

I have two cats- Annie (Egyptian Mau Mix) and Bibi (American Shorthair/Tuxedo). I’ve had Annie since 2003 and Bibi since 2004. Annie came to me as a rescue- she was a momma with two kittens who I took in because the kittens weren’t old enough to be away from her and a mean man was trying to give them all away. Bibi came to me as a kitten- about 8 weeks old. Now, my cats have never exhibited odd behavior. Annie has always been very affectionate, love bites, etc. Bibi wasn’t as affectionate to strangers until recently. Here’s the weird thing. I moved into a new apartment after leaving my fiance in December. Since moving here, I’ve noticed that some of my stuffed animals had been dragged out of boxes and suitcases in my closet and ending up on my living room floor. It started out at once or twice a week, and has gotten to a point when it happens every day. Usually it doesn’t happen when I’m home- but only if I leave for a few hours and come back. I finally caught the culprit tonight and had a good laugh.. it was Annie. She had found a stuffed hedgehog toy I had and while I was in the bedroom I heard her meowing as if she were upset or in heat. (she was spayed over 5 years ago, so I highly doubt she’s in heat). I peeked around the corner to find her nuzzling and licking the hedgehog, and softly crying out to it. If I made a sound, she’d turn and give me the “what are you looking at?!” kind of look.It’s almost like she thinks my stuffed animals are dead and she’s trying to revive them…. but some of these stuffed animals have been around for as long as she has or longer. She just started doing this with them now…..Any ideas what my cat’s problem is?

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Cat stealing from neighbors and their animals by: Christa I have a highly intelligent Siamese cat (Lilacapoint). Every morning getting up there is a new something, obviously taken from somebody else’s home like, bath scrunchies, old cloths. Stuffed toys, stuffed little mouses and this morning a dog jacket which she brought in and placed it into our Miniature Dachshund’s bed, like to say ” I brought you something,” They both love to play with these toys together! They have more than can play with which I bought but the “stolen stuff is BETTER!


Stuffed Animals by: Dave Our Bella “hunts” small stuffed animals – tossing them into the air and then catching them, batting them, and throwing them into the air again. Eventually she will lay on them. She has a wonderful play time which then leads to a nap. When she has limited outdoor time – she is a hunter – for lizards, which she hunts and plays with but does not kill. I believe the play with stuffed animals is a substitute for her hunting instinct. Her favorite toys are a stuffed mouse (like Mickey), a small red fuzzy ball, and a small fuzzy horse. Aren’t cats great!


kitten hand cat by: Anonymous My 10month old cat, Pandi used to steal beans and asparagus stalks from me while i was preparing dinner,then play with them in a toss and hunt game-sometimes he would eat them.He also liked avocado, muesili fruit bread and low fat smooth cottage cheese. He died on Friday i really feel bereft.