Cat Loves Muscle Rub

by Tiffany Joslin (Arkansas)

One of my 4-leggers, Shania – yes, as in Twain (so not my idea)- has begun a behavior recently that defies all logic. Even for a 4-legger. I have been very sick, and part of my illness has left me having muscle aches in my back. So we got some of those pain relieving muscle patch thingies. The kind that have the Mentholatum-type topical rub on them – from the store. Shania has decided that she loves them. She will get the clear plastic backing that comes off of the patch and roll around in the floor with it, making her typical “I’m ready for lovin'” sounds. It’s hilarious. Then, when she has rubbed all of the smell off of the backing, she’ll come to me and start smelling me head to toe until she finds a patch. She then gets so out of control and aggressive in digging for and loving on her patch that we have to make her get away from me.Anyone else have a clue about this one? I normally know my 4-leggers very well, but this one has me stumped! Thanks for the listen & the help! Molesting Mentholatum in Arkansas.

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Muscle rub love by: Dawn Yes I have 2 Cats and both do the same. When I put muscle rub on my shoulder & neck 1 one of my cats wouldn’t stop licking it off he then got so excited he tried to eat me and bit my ear. I now have to lock him in kitchen now when ever i applied it. I think it has some type mint herb in it that cat’s like, Ie: cat nip or cat mint. which nearly all cats love.


about cat loves muscle rub by: Anonymous I think that she likes it because of the menthol.Most cats love catnip, which is from the mint family. So she may think that that’s what it is.