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by Lynette (Davenport Iowa)

My 3 year old cat recently “somehow” ate a ball of string we had made for her. Stringing it like in the shape of a mouse, not a full circle. After not eating for 3 days, puking for 3 days, but she still played and was in a good mood. Just thought maybe it was a fur-ball or something. We finally figured we better call the vet & let them know she MIGHT have eaten that string ball. The vet informed us of the worst possible dangers, we then ran Mia to the vet. They ran X-rays, and found nothing, only a FULL bowl. They recommended nothing but surgery to resolve the problem, telling us the string ball could ONLY be inside her stomach or small intestine. Again informing us of the worst dangers that could occur if we don’t get surgery ASAP. So based on the information, we opted to have the surgery to save Mia. After the surgery, the vet called telling us that the string was in her bowl, not her stomach, and that we could of gave her an enema to resolve the problem. Imagine the SHOCK! I was immediately sick with guilt, and felt SO bad for Mia. What kind of vet would opt for the only resolution being surgery, AFTER seeing on the X-ray that her bowls were completely packed. Worse yet, why didn’t I think of it? I was counting on the word of a professional, what a disappointment. My news to you is this… Get a second opinion, even if they make you feel like it is life & death. It could save you & your furry friend the trauma, and could save your pocket book $449.53.

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Cat eats string by: Shannon I have seen my cat eat string before. Not a whole ball like your cat but enough to scare me. We had a big family meeting about this very issue.Our cat is like a goat sometimes and will eat anything. Our family is now vigilant in keeping the floor clean of debris.I think your story is a must read for cat lovers because it raises a good point about second opinions and veterinarians overall! People go for second opinions all the time. Why not exercise the same right for your cats! Thanks for taking the time to share this.