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Cat in love image

Is my cat in love? I have two, 2 year-old tabbies. One of them which I think has fallen in love with me! He sleeps with his face squeezed in my armpit. He also jumps on me when I’m in my robe out of the shower, rubbing his face on me and purring like a motor! I catch him just staring into my eyes when he’s sitting next to me.. its freaking me out! Did a Casanova reincarnate into my cat?

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kitty in love with human by: Anonymous I am questioning the same thing with my cat. But only she is female and seems to be in love with my husband. He has caught her mimicking a couple of my behaviors with him such as kissing him(putting her lips to his but no licking) and nibbling his ear(that one freaked him out). she also purrs like a motorboat for him and gives me the look if i walk into the room while hes petting her alone. If I show affection to my husband she gets jealous when I walk out and turns away from my husband.