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by Amanda (Stillwater, MN)

Cat Cuddling

Cat Cuddling

Here is a fun and unique cat cuddling story from a site visitor: My cats name is Al. I have had him since May, and he is extremely large. We feed him just as much as we feed our other cat, but he weighs about twice as much and is 2 years younger. When you are in the kitchen he sits at your feet waiting for something to fall, just like a dog would. Other than that, if I’m sitting in a chair at about a 90-ish degree angle he will come and sit on my lap, put both of his arms up on my shoulders, and continually rub his face against my face and neck and he will switch sides. He will do this for about 20 minutes and then run away. He does this to everyone he meets. One time he was doing it to a good friend but then Al bit the back of his head. It is very strange.

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Lisa the Cuddling Cat by: Anonymous Lisa a Siamese cat we had was known for hugging and cuddling. She did a lot of things that impressed anyone who met her. She use to astound me with her leaping ability. she use to jump flat footed to the top of an old upright freezer that had to be six feet tall , her favorite spot for a nap. But that was nothing compared to what she showed me late one summer afternoon as i sat in a lawn chair in our back yard.Lisa spent several minutes staring intently at a nearby tree, a sound of plop plop plop came next, a sparrow fell to the ground and she casually walked over and picked up her evening meal. I saw this several times, it was no coincidence, she could hypnotize those birds and make them fall out of the trees. Man that’s magic!