Cat chased by feces

by LadyMadonna (Maryland)

I’ve got a humdinger of a story to share. This is a story about my Calico named “Sugar” who sometimes enjoyed playing with the kind of cat toy that you hang over a door. It has a 5 foot elastic string, with a stuffed mouse on the end for cats to bat around. Well, the elastic string was constantly coming untied at the top. After the fourth time it fell late one evening, I laid it aside, intending to examine it carefully later to see how I could attach it permanently. This was the fateful mistake. Little did I know, as Sugar was still a youngster, but she apparently likes to eat elastic string. While asleep one night, Sugar ate the entire five foot length of it. She managed to chew through it at the end, and the little stuffed mouse remained behind (thank goodness!!).A day or two later, I was awakened at 5 AM by the sound of a cat running around the house frantically, meowing and hissing in a way I have never heard before. It scared me to death. She jumped onto my bed, ran across my chest, jumped down and kept running and howling. I caught her and held her down to assess the situation. I was shocked by what I saw: There was a 12″ length of string hanging out of her backside, at the end of which was a little pile of cat feces, which were all intertwined with the string! The poor cat couldn’t figure out why these “turds” were chasing her and wouldn’t stop! I cut off the stinky brown menace with scissors. Then I tugged ever so gently on the string, thinking it would pop right out. (at this point, I didn’t know it was the string from the toy). No way it was coming out. It just s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. That’s the moment when I knew what is was, and where it came from. I took her immediately to my vet, who did an x-ray. There, the elastic string could be clearly seen, neatly nestled in her stomach and winding through her intestines. The vet said the string could rupture her intestines and kill her. They could do immediate surgery for the mere fee of several thousand dollars. OR, it was possible that she might pass it without a problem, but that option was risky. I was quite upset, but I didn’t have several thousand dollars. I opted for the latter option. I transferred Sugar to a cat hospital, where she could be monitored all night in case things went wrong.I received a phone call the following morning with great news! She passed the whole string with no further problems. You can imagine how relieved I was.So, that’s the story about the cat that was chased by her own feces. It’s a story I will never forget, and neither will she, I’m sure!Thanks for allowing me to share,LadyMadonna

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Hi Jo C by: LadyMadonna Hi Jo C,So sorry you had to go through that! Even if a cat changes its mind after starting to eat string, they don’t know how to pull it back out of their throats. I guess they have no choice except to keep eating it until it ends. Quite sad when you think about it. Our poor cats must have been so stressed! You were very lucky that the surgery was only $400. I’m so glad everything turned out well for your kitty.After that episode with my cat, I found a rubber band mixed in with feces in the litter box. Ever since then, I’ve been SO careful about what I leave around. When I walk around my house, my eyes are always scanning the floor, looking for things that may get eaten by my kitties. This includes any pieces of thin curling ribbon, which I have found out my OTHER cat likes to eat! When wrapping Xmas gifts, I have to be SO careful not to drop even a little piece on the floor. She’ll scarf it right up!Strange little creatures, aren’t they?


Not so lucky by: Jo C. I too was shocked to find our Suzanna w/12″ of double stranded string trailing from her behind. I wrapped her up in a towel and immediately took her to the vet.They administered laxatives to see if she would pass it out with no luck. I opted for surgery.The vet found most of the string she swallowed lodged at the end of the upper intestine and made a larger incision to remove it. He removed 4 ft.The cost for just the surgery was $400. Suzanna recovered but not before she scalded her incision and I had to apply a sticky ointment everyday for2 weeks…yuk!We now can laugh about string costing $100/ft. 😉


I Hope No PTSD by: Tiffany That is one of the funniest / best 4-legger stories that I have ever heard. Now that I know Sugar is OK, that is. I can only imagine the chaos in your house on that fateful morning when you discovered the string. Poor Sugar. I am very glad that she is OK.My husband & I read your story & both agreed that we hope Sugar doesn’t have PTSD. (ha-ha) At the very least, going #2 will never be the same for her again.God Bless!