Cat brings presents

by Claire (Cheshire)

Our beautiful female cat Sapphire age 4 years, frequently brings us presents, my children and I will be siting downstairs and we will hear sapphire squeaking quite loudly and down she will come with a pair of the children knickers in her mouth (clean ones of course, the girls keep their underwear in baskets under the bed). She will place them gently on the floor and then walk out. we always say thank-you to her as she goes to so much effort. We end up with at least 7-8 pairs a day! I have tried leaving them on the floor but she just brings more. On the odd occasion it will be something different like tonight we got a toothpaste lid but 9 times out of ten it’s knickers. why does she do this? Claire we have a colony of feral cats outside and we frequently find gifts in front of the door where we feed them. mostly we get pine cones, but lately we get small gloves or mittens and child’s slipper and the best was a pair of thong ladies underpants. We have gotten a torn up fast food bag with an empty french fry container. Small pieces of wood and other material. One morning there was a small plush toy (a purple bear). We think it is the leading male cat doing it since he has been very friendly with us and allows us to pet him. We are thinking of opening a lost and found for the neighborhood.The grossest thing was a dead chewed up mouse. One of indoor cats frequently brings one of her toy mice to bed and leaves it in the same spot next to me. She meows and leaves. I have read that this is a way of contributing to the family food or it has to do with trying to teach us to hunt. Or they are showing off their hunting skills for your approval. Somehow it boils down to thinking you are one of the family.

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My cat brings me things by: Anonymous My cat adopted me about two months ago and seems very content, but she has one quirk that she is now doing on a daily basis. After I get out of the pool, I set my bathing suit out to dry in the backyard. I have awoken in the morning numerous times to find my suit on the floor next to my bed or other times lying outside the back door. She has also brought me presents including a pair of sandals, who they belong to I don’t know, a pair of leather gloves from the garage and numerous odd pieces of cloth. I know cats like to bring gifts but I wonder if she is acquiring a bit of compulsiveness. As long as this doesn’t progress into small animals I can live with it. Does anyone else have a cat with this sort of behavior?


everything goes into the liter box by: Anonymous MY CAT PUTS ANYTHING SHE CAN FIT IN HER MOUTH AND CARRY TO HER CAT BOX. It bothers me at times because she puts clean clothes in there or my mail… the funny thing she puts in there is her pooper scooper and literally pushes her “scoop” onto the scooper.. if this is a behavioral issue please someone let me know… she has put important stuff into that box of hers.


cat does the same thing by: Anonymous My cat steals socks and meows while she presents them to us too. We asked someone about it and they said she was miming the behavior of bringing food to her kittens. The unique meow is to call us for dinner?


Cat brings presents or kitten practise? by: Angela I’ve had several female cats who did this with underwear…mostly rolled up socks. Fetishes aside I always thought it had something to do with kitten carrying. It’s almost as though the cat is pretending to be a mother but knows the item in her mouth isn’t really a kitten which is why she drops it when she gets to you. The toothpaste lid I have no idea about that one though!


Cat brings presents by: Anonymous I am not sure why your cat does this, but maybe it stems from a Christmas event when she saw each of you getting something from under your tree, and since there is not a tree in the house all year long, she has decided that the bed is the same thing.