Cat Acts Like Drinking Water

by Jamie (Pittsburgh, PA)

Cat Drinking Water

Cat Drinking Water

My cat acts like he is drinking water when he is not. My male cat Max loves water. He loves to drink out of the bathtub faucet. I even bought a Drink well fountain that both he and my female cat use. But lately Max has been turning his head to the side and pretending that he is drinking from a source of running water. Even making the licking sounds. It is driving me crazy! I am worried that I am missing some sort of problem. Does anyone else have a cat that does this strange drinking water behavior? I will be taking Max for his annual check up in a few weeks and I will ask the vet.

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yes – both cats are fixed by: Anonymous In regards to Anonymous; both cats are fixed and have been over a year. thank you though


are they fixed? by: Anonymous are both of your cats fixed?? if your female cat isn’t he could be tasting the air for her scent. if she is in heat she puts off some really strong pheromones and he could be catching a whiff he likes.