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by kaitlyn amanda (garwood, new jersey)

Crazy Kitten Picture

Crazy Kitten Picture

I have a male cat who is about 6.5 months old. Recently he has been acting very strange and will go from a deep sleep to waking up vigorously and darting across the room like he is on fire. This occurs with no provoking at all. He’ll dart across the room and start hanging from the windows and making a weird chattering noise with his teeth while he’s moaning. Its funny to watch sort of, but I am kind of worried because the look he gets in his eyes is so scary and he actually will try to hurt me when normally he is a very easygoing cat. If anyone knows whats going on PLEASE give me some tips. lolps. he is not fixed yet…could it be hormones?

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blast off kitty by: se7en the ‘weird chattering’ sound usually made when prey is sighted ie a bird. Are you sure one hasn’t been spotted from his bed, hence the dash up curtain perhaps looking out intensely whilst making noise.


Talk to your vet. by: Wendy Neutering would be a good place to start.I have a cat that twitches a lot & sometimes takes off running & darting through the house. I’ve spoken with others who have cats from the same litter (one of them is my vet) & they have observed similar behavior with theirs. We think that their nerves may be “short circuiting” causing unpleasant sensations which they are trying to escape from. They’re now 6 yrs old & display this behavior less often. I don’t know if this could possibly be happening to your cat when he’s sleeping.


Kitties by: PrincessJuJuBear Hi: My Tuxedo cat was a spazzy kitty – especially before he was fixed. He always slept with one eye open and I figured this compromised his sleep and that made him even crazier! I would say your cat is having very vivid dreams (which the hormones going through his system are making stronger) and waking up thinking he is still playing and chasing! My tuxedo cat would be twitching up a storm while he was sleeping and wake up looking stunned that he was asleep the whole time!