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Archived cat stories submitted from site visitors around the world. We have been fortunate enough to receive a ton of great weird cat behavior stories.

The next problem was how to organize them so that each submitted story received the attention it deserved. On this page we will list some of the older submissions on the hopes of getting new visitors to see and comment on these sometimes funny sometimes serious feline tails.

Take a look below the new submission form to see if you have experienced some of these strange cat behaviors yourself. The pattern that has emerged is when one cat does something odd we find there not alone. Somewhere or someplace there’s another feline doing the same thing.

If this applies to you why not post a comment to that particular submission. Please note that the felines owner is notified automatically when a new comment is added to their post. Or post your own cats story in the easy to use form below.

If at all possible try to add a picture of your pet. We all love to see pictures of our children and it really helps pull the story together when you can see the cat responsible for the weird behaviors.

Cat Behavior Stories

What strange cat behaviors does your cats practice? Join in and share it with our World Wide cat loving community!